• Management Team Zoom Meeting

  • Wendy in Payroll, working from home.

This has been a season of change and challenges as COVID-19 continues to impact our closest neighbors and those around the world. The Brubacher team wasn't immune to these challenges as we had to stop mid-projects and placed many employees on lay-off status for several weeks.

Even through the intimidating unknowns ahead, we're constantly impressed with how our employees can refocus their energy and attention to see the good in every situation. As a result, we've witnessed resilience and comradery that will never be forgotten.

Some described the initial blow of COVID-19 as a turbulent rollercoaster. Helping others through the hills and valleys of that rollercoaster were selfless co-workers who volunteered to allow co-workers in need to return to work before them, recognizing others needed the income more.

Those who continued to work on projects understood the importance of moving forward and working through the challenges of COVID-19 state and federal restrictions. Crews have worked diligently to have plans in place to follow all guidelines, including setting up wash stations, having hand sanitizer readily available, and minimizing common touchpoints.

While we're proud of the Brubacher team's perseverance on the job sites and working remotely, their resilience outside of their roles is just as impressive. When the world essentially shut down, many of our employees fully realized the bright spots in an otherwise negative situation, such as seeing their loved ones more and recognizing the importance of human interaction.

Once all COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, our employees are ready to hug their elderly parents, get their hair done, go to large gatherings (like Eagles' football games), traveling, and simply going to a restaurant for a sit down dinner.