Why I'm Proud of the Brubacher Team

Keith Brubacher

Keith A. Brubacher

The Brubacher Team of construction professionals is a caring group of people who make me proud! They genuinely care about the well-being of co-workers, family and even strangers. Recently I've been impacted by so many in quick succession that it seemed only fitting to share about how those around me are uncommonly refreshing to others.

  • One group cleaned the home of a co-worker who was seriously injured in an auto accident. In addition, they took meals along for the family to enjoy.
  • A senior operator was impressed by the work ethic and dedication of a co-worker during the very hot weather. Through conversation, he learned the man was facing financial difficulties due to a family situation. Because this operator cared enough to get to know his helper that week and listened to his story, the company was able to offer some assistance through the Brubacher Employee Benevolence Fund.
  • After seeing a fellow shopper struggling to fit a bulky purchase in their small vehicle, one employee offered to haul the purchase home for them in his pickup. Accompanied by the shopper on the way to deliver it, he did what most guys do… asked about where the gentleman worked, what he did and how he liked it. Upon hearing his job wasn't meeting the family's needs well, the Brubacher "delivery driver" shared about the opportunities here, inviting him to complete an application, which he did the next day.
  • Several weeks ago, an excited employee stopped me in the hallway, eager to tell me how his marriage is being renewed. He had just returned from the 'Weekend to Remember' marriage conference offered to all Brubacher employees and their spouses. He relayed how their relationship had grown stale and the principles explained the past weekend were already beginning to yield welcome changes for the two of them.
  • A senior manager related how one of his field team members was depressed about a difficult personal situation. When he didn't show up for work, the manager immediately drove to his crew member's home to make sure he was OK. The manager let him know how important he is to his co-workers and connected him with resources who can help him cope.
  • Another employee stopped to talk with a field worker in the hallway; and, during conversation, learned they were facing steep financial hurdles resulting from a tragedy in their family. The employee reminded their co-worker about the Brubacher Benevolence Fund that has been established to aid Brubacher Team members in need.
  • Two members of our management team took the initiative to start a leadership group that meets regularly to explore and discuss the principles of servant leadership. It is open to those who are committed to expanding their leadership influence at Brubacher and beyond.
  • An office administrator noticed that much of the recognition shared within the company focused on supervisors. This is well-deserved considering their critical roles and hard work to ensure projects are successful. However, it also over-shadowed the many times field team members should be recognized. She took the initiative to get examples from field supervisors about how people on their crews were being helpful, living out our purpose, mission and values and then recognize them in our weekly Toolbox Talks.

This is a small glimpse into the many ways Brubacher team members are a positive influence on the lives of others. I'm proud to be part of a construction crew that cares!