Majestic Lot 5

  • The Brubacher team before a morning huddle to hash out the day's safety items and work plan, complete with neatly-parked Brubacher equipment in the background ready to roll onto the site.

  • A drone's view of the site, with Brubacher logos visible from the sky!

Brubacher was hired to move about 450,000 cubic yards of earth in advance of the construction of a 500,000 square foot warehouse in the Lehigh Valley area. Through the end of the summer, the team has completed that tremendous amount of earthmoving and will begin water and sewer work before finishing with stone and paving in September.

The team, led by Project Manager Ed F., were able to meet every milestone set by the customer while overcoming extremely wet conditions in July and August that led to soil cementation of the building pad. Project Manager Ed F. was particularly proud of the project team for providing “Insight. On Site.” through a re-design of a large retaining wall that ended up saving the customer significant time and money.

Buck Hill Farm

  • Brubacher operators on the backhoe, track loader, and excavator trying to beat the rain!

  • An overview of the project's previous phases with single family homes built on infrastructure prepared by Brubacher.

Brubacher is nearing completion of a third year of earth, pipe, and utility work at the Buck Hill Farm single family home development in Chester County, PA for The McKee Group. Over the course of the project, the team has consistently met deadlines and provided “Insight. On Site.” to a valued customer.

This summer, with particularly challenging weather threatening to put them behind schedule, the team acted quickly and installed an underdrain on a township road that was being flooded from water on a previous phase of a project. Ron S., Project Manager, recognized Adam H., Senior Estimator, for his key role in providing thorough bids for the various phases of the project which prepared the team to meet the client’s expectations. Adam has been working on the Buck Hill project for three years this Fall and has been the foundation of a successful relationship with our customer.


  • Bird's eye view of the site, with Brubacher equipment at work in the distance.

  • The back of the site, where storm sewer features are visible in the foreground.

  • The 48" storm sewer crossing nearing completion.

Wohlsen Construction hired Brubacher to complete earthwork and substantial utility work in preparation for the construction of a new senior living facility in Lafayette Hill, PA. The team, led by supervisor Todd F., put forth an extraordinary effort to meet project deadlines amid serious topographical challenges.

The team overcame two unique challenges, the first being installation of a 48” storm sewer crossing adjacent to an existing pond, which revealed an extreme amount of unsuitable soil and groundwater. The second challenge was presented by discrepancies between dirt quantities in the original plan and additional topographical surveys of the site conducted by Brubacher's survey team during project start-up.

Project Manager Josh S. recognized the entire team for their dedication to the project, which required working ten Saturdays to deliver the pad by the project deadline.

PennDOT Slide Correction

  • The Energy Services team used this CAT 326FL to excavate precise "benches" that were critical to the integrity of the new roadway as it interfaced with the adjacent stream.

  • The team received exceptional feedback from PennDOT on this project. Great job team!

  • A "before" photo of the roadway prior to the Energy Services team starting work.

  • An "after" photo of the roadway after completion. This photo shows some of the complex features that extend from the roadway down to the adjacent stream, as well as the freshly paved surface.

The Brubacher Energy Services Team was hired by PennDOT to correct a slide on a major connecting artery between Elkland and Wellsboro Pennsylvania. The Energy Services Team shined on this challenging project despite the poor weather conditions throughout the summer. The scope of work included multiple complex features that affected how the roadway interfaced with an adjacent stream.

Some of the challenges overcome by the Energy Services Team included poor weather and soil, a tight schedule, and through-traffic. Energy Services Project Manager, Dave R., recognized Robert H., Site Supervisor, Mark F., Operator, Jack V., Operator, Christy W., Project Engineer, and Pete V., General Superintendent, for playing instrumental roles in the success of the project.

The Energy Services team finished this project two weeks ahead of schedule with no punch list items and no safety incidents, while receiving excellent feedback from PennDOT on their precision and attentiveness to detail.