Keith Brubacher

Keith A. Brubacher

Construction is about solving challenges by turning them into opportunities . . . situations where creativity, teamwork, and navigating around physical or mental obstacles are all critical to success. The Brubacher team of construction professionals is busy doing just that to meet client objectives and build strong repeat business. All too often the team’s efforts and the outcomes go unnoticed and simply become part of the job, and I’d like to share a few examples of Brubacher employees’ hard work to serve our clients.

Multi-Phase Residential Project

In pre-project planning, the Brubacher project delivery team noticed a large number of utility elevation discrepancies, reverse flows and placement and sequence conflicts. The project management team and field supervisors identified these issues and worked with the developer and engineer to resolve them BEFORE precast was built and pipes were installed. Had the developer chosen a contractor without strong project support capabilities, the work would likely have been installed ‘per approved plan.’ Eventually, the problems would have surfaced and resulted in a change order of several hundred thousand dollars. The pre-work planning and attention to details exhibited by Brubacher saved the developer money and minimized project delays in a strong housing market.

Mixed-Use Commercial Project:

Early in the project planning for new multi-family buildings enveloped by existing units, Brubacher site managers noticed a storm sewer pipe emptying directly into the center of the new construction site. Without any design plans addressing the high volume of water flowing directly into the site, the project team proposed a temporary piping solution and a potential path through the site that fit the build sequence without conflicts. It will prevent sub-grade saturation and flooded footer excavations and will serve as a clean water diversion rather than increase clean water flow across an open construction site.

Residential Subdivision

Preparing to begin site and utility construction on a new town home project, Brubacher project staff noticed the design elevations of the sanitary sewer system would place most laterals in conflict with the water line and dry utilities. Thankfully, the tie-in point allowed for a redesign that eliminated the conflict before precast was built and the sewer was installed. This avoided additional costly delays, change orders and lots of future problems for the client when it is time to place the remaining utilities.

I’m proud of our Brubacher team members who take their responsibility seriously to be good stewards of client resources. It is this commitment – and the level of resources to back it up, from the back office to the backhoe – that results in repeat clients and earns the confidence of our new clients. We value the opportunity to solve challenges together!