Crane working around wires

Contractor Coordination or Confusion?

Which would you rather have? As I listened to project managers describe lessons learned on recent projects, I was struck by how much value is gained when pre-work planning takes place and the lines of communication are free-flowing.

In one situation the controlling contractor scheduled several subcontractors to work in the same area that had a crane setting up for steel placement on the very same day. The subcontractors couldn't perform the work scheduled on that day and were sent home, causing delays to the schedule and additional expense to the project. The situation could have been easily avoided by a little communication a few days prior.

Quite the opposite experience happened on a project where the planning and coordination began over a month in advance. The Brubacher project members taking part in this planning meeting were our field safety professional, and our precast supplier, also at the meeting were the crane subcontractor and the local utility company.

Together they worked out a plan for setting a box culvert. 
The placement of the box culvert was complicated by the location of overhead power lines, by the narrow country road and the need to maneuver through trees and lots of solid rock. Safety hazards were identified early and the requirements of each partner were addressed. A lifting plan was established and the utility company agreed to shut off power during the critical part of the project to reduce hazards.

The end result, after planning, was a safe successful installation that was completed within the time period.

The result is a safe, successful installation completed within the planned time period (see sidebar photo). I am proud of the Brubacher team who worked together developing a good plan by involving all of the stakeholders weeks in advance. It set the stage for our business partners to be successful rather than build cost into future pricing to compensate for poor coordination. Our client's schedule was met and the road re-opened as planned.

When clients hire Brubacher, they can trust our team will add the value that pre-work planning and having open lines of reality-based communication bring. They can experience Brubacher's Insight. On Site. in action!