Majestic Site in Bethlehem City, Northampton County, PA

Brubacher Majestic site, Bethlehem City, Northampton County, PA

A Brubacher excavator removes overburden at the Majestic site to prepare for the installation of a storm sewer inlet for the double 48" pipe storm run. This project has Brubacher completing earthwork and installing utilities to complete an industrial loop road for the already completed and future warehouses on site.

Brubacher excavating Majestic site in Bethlehem City, Northampton County, PA

At the Majestic Loop Rd., two Deere 470 excavators are using hydraulic breakers to remove rock for twin double 48" storm sewer runs. Due to the proximity of a power plant, the rock in this area could not be blasted. The rock will need to be excavated over 30 feet deep to install the storm sewer system.

Highgate, Lehigh County, Upper Macungie Township, PA

Brubacher excavating at Highgate project in Lehigh County, Upper Macungie Township, PA

Brubacher is back at Highgate performing site improvements for phase 4 of townhome construction.  Shown at right is a Brubacher pipe crew installing sewer laterals.

Aqua Sussex, Montgomery County, Lower Merion Township, PA

Brubacher pipe crew Aqua Sussex, Montgomery County, Lower Merion Township, PA

The pipe crew at Aqua Sussex worked in the middle of a four-lane state road to complete a wet tap on an existing water main for a water main replacement project.

Brubacher vacuum excavation at Aqua Sussex Montgomery County, Lower Merion Township, PA

Brubacher’s vacuum excavation crew used a combination of high pressure air and a vacuum hose to remove soil and expose an existing utility at Aqua Sussex ahead of the water main installation. This is an important aspect of our safety procedures, allowing the pipe crew to know the location of the crossing in advance.

Aqua Rothley, Montgomery County, Abington Township, PA

Brubacher paving at Aqua Rothley, Montgomery County, Abington Township, PA

A Brubacher paving crew completed trench restoration at another water main replacement site in late spring 2015.  The waterline was installed this winter when it was too cold to complete the paving restoration.

Bright Glade Farms, Chester County, West Bradford Township

Brubacher sewer line installation Bright Glade Farms, Chester County, West Bradford Township

At Bright Glade Farms, the Brubacher team is preparing the ground and installing the utilities for the construction of 37 single home sites south of Downingtown, PA. Because of the natural slope of the land, the crew was called on to install a 21-foot deep gravity sewer line. Engineered safety planning for excavation was required for safe installation.

Route 41 & Hercules Road, New Castle County, Delaware

Brubacher concrete storm sewer Route

The Route 41/Hercules Rd. installation of storm sewer and road widening is related to a large housing development nearby which Brubacher completed for Toll Brothers in 2014. Shown at right is the Brubacher crew installing new concrete storm sewer pipe and inlets along Millcreek Road off of Route 41 in New Castle County, Delaware.   

Brubacher basiin installation, road widening/repaving on Route 41 New Castle County, Delaware

Orange barrels guide traffic on Route 41 through the traffic pattern beside a basin installed by the Brubacher crew earlier in the job. The project includes widening and repaving of Route 41 with changing traffic patterns for each phase.

Bayberry, Phases 2B, 4A, 4B and 8B, New Castle County, Delaware

Brubacher excavating a lake in Bayberry, New Castle County, Delaware

The Village of Bayberry is a partially completed residential development laying on both the north and south sides of Boyd’s Corner Road in Middletown, Delaware. A part of preparing the site for the construction of homes on the northern side of the Bayberry development requires the Brubacher team to excavate a 14-acre lake for the community. Heavy rains have challenged the crew to stay on track to meet the schedule. Brubacher has performed earthmoving on this site since 2007 for developer Blenheim Homes.

Brubacher Fleet Department

Brubacher Fleet Department repairs an excavator radiator on site

Titus Weber and Mike Humay, Brubacher technicians, are on hand for quickly responding to maintenance and breakdowns in the field. Here they are replacing a radiator on an excavator. Brubacher’s eight on-the-road technicians and one mobile welder allow for service to equipment on site without the cost and loss in hours moving the equipment back to the shop.  

Audi of West Chester, Delaware County, Chadds Ford and Thornbury Townships, PA

Brubacher paving Audi of West Chester

On Route 202 in West Chester, Brubacher contracted to build a retaining wall, install utilities and prepare a building pad for a new Audi of West Chester building. The Brubacher crew worked carefully around the other subcontractors on the tight site so that everyone could complete their work in a timely manner. At right is a Brubacher backhoe operator filling top soil behind the recently installed curb alongside the almost-ready building.

Creekside Commons, Montgomery County, Whitemarsh Township, PA

Brubacher Creekside Commons townhome site development

Brubacher is completing a project for Judd Associates comprised of approximately 50 acres under development for 223 townhomes. Brubacher is installing water, sewer and storm utilities, a sewer pump station, roadway and parking, Belgian block curb and performing HOP improvements including the widening of Stenton Road. Brubacher has completed Phase 1 of the project to allow for construction of the model homes.

Brubacher Creekside Commons Site Development Rainbow

At the end of an uncertain day of rain and tornado warnings, a rainbow promised a more fruitful day tomorrow for the crew at Creekside Commons.

Swarthmore Roundabout, Delaware County, Swarthmore Borough, PA

Brubacher prepares subgrade for Swarthmore Borough, PA Roundabout

Brubacher was contracted to execute several redesign / improvement projects in Swarthmore, PA including the construction of a new roundabout intersection to replace an awkward, heavily travelled 5-point intersection. This undertaking involved the relocation of a softball field and adjacent roadway, and the relocation or installation of new water, sewer and storm drainage systems. Since long term lane and road closures were not permitted by PennDOT, extensive traffic control and detours were continuously in place and regularly adjusted to the new channelization created throughout the construction phases. In the photo, the Brubacher crew prepares the subgrade for paving of the roundabout.

Brubacher paving services Roundabout Swarthmore Borough, PA line painting

Later, markings for the permanent line painting are in place to put the finishing touches on Brubacher’s paving services at the roundabout in Swarthmore.  

Twin Springs, Lancaster County, East Earl Township, PA

Brubacher scraper builds swale at Twin Springs, Lancaster County, East Earl Township, PA

The Blue Ball site, Twin Springs, is the closest in distance to Brubacher’s southern office. Our crew had already completed a building pad last year for the first phase at this site. At present, the companion project is to complete the infrastructure for an industrial park. To the right is a Brubacher scraper working to build swale #2 on the site.  

White Horse Village, Delaware County, Newtown Township, PA

Brubacher paving at White Horse Village, Delaware County, Newtown Township, PA

Last year, Brubacher paving was contracted by Whitehorse Village, a retirement community, to mill and repave some of its parking lots and streets within the community. Because the customer was satisfied with last year’s work, they contacted the Brubacher paving crew to complete the milling and new wearing course paving this year. They were again satisfied with the work accomplished within the deadline.  

Brubacher Board of Directors Field Day

Brubacher Board of Directors Field Day

On April 29, two of Brubacher’s three independent directors experienced a field day by visiting various active Brubacher sites. Pictured are members of Brubacher's Board of Directors and the site management team at Creekside.

Chichester Business Park, Delaware County, Lower Chichester Township, PA

Brubacher paving crew completes road widening Chichester Business Park, Delaware County, Lower Chichester Township, PA

As the work at the Chichester site in Delaware County draws to an end, Brubacher paving crew completes the road widening on Blue Bell Avenue and the paving of the entrance to the business park.