Why We Do What We Do: Vision and Mission

In the last issue of The Latest Scoop, I shared my thoughts on the need to GROW. Growth is a natural process of life; however, it isn't something that is ever fully completed. It is an ongoing process that continues to build on itself.

The growth of Brubacher Excavating, Inc. (BEI) only happened through the steadfast vision of the company's founder, my father, Ben Brubacher. In those early years, the vision of the company may not have been written on placards and posted on the shop walls, but you figured out pretty quickly his vision and what was important. Over time, we developed our formalized vision statement:

Be recognized and selected as the premier contractor by the industry's top customers, employees and professionals through consistent delivery of Experience, Expertise & Excellence.

In other words, we are not satisfied with being an average contractor. We intentionally listed the three Es at the end of our vision statement — Experience, Expertise & Excellence — because each builds on the other.

Experience comes from doing tasks often, and the result from perfecting your technique is Expertise. When you do those two things over a long period of time and continue to challenge yourself to grow, that leads to the opportunity for Excellence.

Often times, we think of Experience, Expertise & Excellence only in terms of the work we do — moving dirt and placing asphalt. Certainly, we strive for excellence in the physical work we do in the field; however, there is much more depth to how BEI approaches the 3 Es.

It takes our entire team's commitment to our vision to achieve excellence. Our goal is to pursue excellence in all aspects of the BEI operation — from field to dispatch, finance to fleet and everywhere in between. This is the keystone of what we stand for — and the vision that Ben Brubacher had for his company over 40 years ago.

Similarly, though our mission statement was not written down in those early years, the company's team understood how our approach to our customers, vendors and employees held a deeper meaning than simply excavation. Our mission statement, as it was eventually written down, reads:

"Shaping the world we live in ... providing superior site improvement services and promoting the development of our employees"

The most obvious part of what we do is quite literally to shape the Earth's surface by moving dirt, clearing the land, paving roads and building infrastructure. All of these activities form strong foundations for our communities and our society to enjoy for years to come.

But that is only a one-sided look at our mission. The aspect that really energizes me is the opportunity to see people become enriched as they work together, and learn and grow from their endeavors at BEI. Whether it is formalized training (such as OSHA safety courses) or working alongside some truly talented people and learning from them, there's nothing more rewarding in this business than seeing people grow.

Everyone has a different history when they are hired to the BEI team. Some have years of experience, while others start with a limited set of skills. What we look for is an eagerness to learn and GROW. And when our employees experience growth, they are able to return a higher level of value to themselves and their families, to our business, and ultimately to the quality of product and services we deliver to our customers. They become experts in their work areas as a result, creating the opportunity for excellence.

This is at the heart of what Ben Brubacher was creating in 1971, and is the timeless vision and mission of our company today: to be a premier contractor that shapes the world we live in — and one that the BEI team is purposefully working toward every day.