2011 Pedometer Challenge Results

The BEI Wellness Committee wishes to thank all those individuals who participated in this year's Pedometer Challenge! One of the goals during the 8-week challenge was to walk the same distance it would take to walk from the Brubacher Shop in Bowmansville, Pennsylvania to West Palm Beach, Florida — a total of 1,133 miles or 2,226,000 steps!

The following teams accomplished this goal:

  • Survey Striders (3,086,642 steps)
  • Chubby Old Men (3,051,427 steps)
  • No Namers (2,893,234 steps)
  • Quick Steppers (2,361,997 steps)
  • Sole Sisters (2,258,284 steps)
One team was so close to making it, they could smell the salt water:

  • Pavement Pounders (2,215,360 steps)
A total of 35 employees and family members participated in this challenge, and together walked 23,579,255 steps!

BEI is proud to recognize these program winners (each received a $50 Walmart gift card):

  • Team with the most steps (3,086,642 steps) — Survey Striders (Kyle Gockley, Samantha Gibson, Henry Smeltz, J.D. Bowlby)
  • Employee participating on an individual basis (642,681 steps) — Dwayne Ludwig
  • Dependent winner (1,498,290 steps) — Bill Sloat (husband of Evelyn Sloat)
Although the pedometer challenge has come to an end, the Wellness Committee would like to encourage employees and their families to continue to make walking and physical activity a priority in their daily schedule. Walking can help with issues such as lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol, burning calories and keeping weight down, as well as promoting physiological well-being. So lace up your shoes and keep making strides!