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Haverford Court

Brubacher Residential Site Development

The 470 units to be installed called for the assembly of over 5,000 pieces on site before they could be set in place.

One of BEI's newer projects is Haverford Court in Lower Merion, Montgomery County, PA. The job consists of two single-home residential properties that are being combined to build 13 townhomes by TEH Properties and Cornell Homes. The bid consists of a multitude of services, including clearing and stakeout for the project. TEH and Cornell are also contracted to install sanitary sewer.

Over the course of the job, the installation will call for 13 road openings. For both properties, the Township is requiring that as many trees as possible stay untouched. BEI's maneuvering around these trees will call for some finesse while also staying on task to meet deadlines. Additionally, the plan calls for an underground detention basis to be assembled on-site, and the existing granite curb will be salvaged and replaced during the project. One of the challenges presently faced is the unsuitable soil on site. Although some of the soil has been exported, the wet soil on site is being mixed with a lime additive to make it usable.

Preparing Building Sites

Brubacher's Excavating, Inc. has contracted with Tornetta Realty to prepare a future building site in Norristown, Montgomery County. The job calls for the enlargement of an existing basin, some storm and sanitary sewer work, and the rebuilding of parking lots. BEI will grade and stabilize the building pad.

Water Main Replacement Project

BEI has again contracted with Aqua Pennsylvania to replace a water main in Upper Darby Township, Montgomery County. The schedule calls for the replacement of nearly two miles of pipe with over 700 service tie-ins. The job is complicated by narrow streets, parking on both sides of the roadway and heavy traffic. Local police have been cooperating with BEI to see that the streets are cleared prior to digging. Despite the inconvenience, residents have been cooperative and friendly, making this a pleasant experience for BEI employees.

Mother's Day Make-A-Wish Convoy 2011

Brubacher Make A Wish Convoy
Brubacher Excavating, Inc. would like to thank Ryan Gehr and Tyler Pannebecker for participating in the Make-A-Wish 22nd Annual Mother's Day Truck Convoy in Lancaster County. This 27-mile-long convoy had a record-breaking 335 trucks and 111 "wish children" participating in the parade. The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Susquehanna Valley raised approximately $234,000 this year; BEI sponsors donating $2,110 of that total. Thanks to everyone who made this opportunity a success!

Northern Tier Update

The Real NT King — An item that isn't talked about much is the high demand for stone and rock within the Marcellus Shale region. Stone is the real king of the Northern Tier, and the fact that quarries can be wiped clean of stone within hours is no bull. In fact, if the reports of overwhelming tri-axle traffic have not convinced you of the industry demand, just take a cruise by a facility processing stone prior to 6:00 a.m. and witness the lineup of Peterbilt and Mack trucks — all waiting anxiously for the scales to open.

BEI's Northern Tier Drilling and Blasting operation has planted its flag firmly among the shale and sandstones found throughout the mountain sides of Bradford, Sullivan and Tioga counties, and our employees have continually provided a sound example of the Brubacher Difference within the Northern Tier aggregate community for the past year.


The BEI Clearing Department has found itself once again in the midst of another right of way (R.o.W) project for a pipeline contractor. This project, located in Montrose, PA, has five linear miles of woody vegetation that needs removed among the rolling hills of Susquehanna County. The cohesiveness of the crew allows the 65-foot-wide R.o.W to efficiently materialize from a mixture of undergrowth, trees and plants. The clearing work is being done for collector lines (well pad to market that is typically less than 16-inch diameter) that will bring completed wells on line with the established larger diameter transmission lines paralleling the Commonwealth.

Building Ponds

Brubacher Energy Services

Jonas Newswanger levels fill being dumped by Scott Shepherd and Yevgeniy Checkanov to build the berm of a 16-million-gallon clean water impoundment in Lycoming County.

In a joint effort with another Northern Tier entity, BEI-NT has completed one of two 16-million-gallon ponds (with the second one heavily under construction). Under the supervision of Sandy Shaw, the crew of Jonas Newswanger, Aaron Pannebecker, Scott Shepherd, Don Ross, Matt Weil, Jim Zimmerman and Mike Koontz continues to cut through age's old shale to carve out the remaining portion of the pond on top of the mountain in the Tiadaghton State Forest.
Brubacher Energy Services Northern Tier

Jim Zimmerman operates a compactor while Jonas Newswanger levels the next lift of a berm in Lycoming County.

BEI-NT continues to provide reliable service to the areas of Trout Run, Covington, Blossburg and Arnot for corporations involved in the Marcellus Shale region. This is a fast-paced industry that functions 24/7, thus it is imperative that BEI-NT remain available and responsive to the needs and unexpected demands of our customers so they can keep their operations going.