Using Teamwork to Tackle New Frontiers

Over the past year Brubacher Excavating, Inc. (BEI) has been shaping the world (quite literally) on an up-and-coming industry — natural gas extraction in the Marcellus Shale region of northern Pennsylvania.

Expanding into a new region and developing relationships within a different industry isn't easy and requires an unwavering commitment in order to be successful. Not only are we venturing into an expanded territory, we are doing so a great distance away from our home office. The terrain in the Northern Tier is rough, the sites are remote and the weather conditions have proven extreme. However, the heart of our Northern Tier operation is the team of BEI — and our ability to work together to make even the most challenging endeavors successful.

Despite the ruthless conditions associated with pushing dirt, blasting and clearing land in the Northern Tier, there are also some really nice advantages to working in this region. For starters, the views in the "Pennsylvania Wilds" region are simply captivating, and there is an abundance of wildlife to appreciate and enjoy. Perhaps the most important aspect, though, is the great sense of company-wide pride that is felt because BEI is a part of an emerging industry for Pennsylvania — the natural gas industry. BEI is excited to be a part of an industry that utilizes clean energy from our own land, and proudly supports these efforts that reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources.

I attribute a large part of our success in this region to the character traits exhibited by our employees — both the teams assigned to the Northern Tier and those in our home office that provide the support. These traits are always important, and they have become particularly instrumental in our ability to serve the needs of our Northern Tier customers.

v. Self-Centeredness. This means that we are making our schedule and priorities secondary to the wishes of those we serve — our customers. We've learned very quickly that the needs of the gas industry aren't set strictly to the hours of 7-5 on Monday through Friday. Because of this, availability has become an increasingly valuable character trait.

Creativity v. Underachievement. This entails being able to approach a task from a different perspective, and many of our team members have been energized by the new opportunities for them to exhibit their creativity in solving challenges.

Dependability v. Inconsistency. This trait involves fulfilling what we agreed to do even if that means unexpected sacrifice. There are times when extreme weather and/or terrain or changes in the needs of our customers require unanticipated work in order to meet their expectations. Being dependable to get the job done, and temporarily sacrificing our own desires, is important to our overall success.

v. Faint-heartedness. Another vital character trait that our team has revealed is determination. I've said many times before that if this job was easy, anyone could do it. But it isn't easy, and it often takes determination to accomplish the right goal at the right time regardless of the opposition.

v. Resistance. Flexibility is one of those character traits that complement the four others mentioned above. Working in the gas industry means that our entire team needs to exhibit a greater degree of flexibility in order to complete the job. We need to be available, creative, dependable, determined and flexible enough to relish the challenge without getting bent out of shape.

All of these characteristics have long been hallmark traits of successful BEI employees, and I am not surprised that these traits continue to shine as we serve the needs of this emerging industry. Our commitment to the Northern Tier is company-wide, and together we truly are showcasing to our latest customers that working with BEI is more than a signature on a contract. It is a company-wide dedication to complete the job, and to form strong relationships.