2010 President's Message

Stewardship Motivates Safety

Safety is the first core value at Brubacher, a priority we take very seriously. It is more than just a sound bite: safety means planning and performing our work in ways that protect the life, health and property of each person. At Brubacher, we work hard to integrate safety first into all of our activities – from meeting agendas and company-wide communications to our overall approach of our jobs on a daily basis.

Unfortunately for many in the construction industry, safety is often viewed as the steps (and expenses) a company must take at the job site to comply with OSHA regulations, when such standards should be the most basic level compliance – not a level a company must reach to obtain. The reality is, a job-site accident can happen at any time shortcuts and risks are taken whether OSHA is watching or not.

One of the biggest hazards isn’t a misplaced ladder or an unsafe trench, it is one’s ego. While it pleases me that the BEI team takes pride in the quality work we do, there is also a danger if we allow ourselves to turn that pride into a strong ego.

Our ego gets in the way because it can keep us from asking someone for help or clarification, and in fact, can be the biggest stumbling block to effective safety in the construction industry. It’s what can keep someone from getting help with the heavy load; it’s what gets in the way when someone should ask for instruction on how to do a task properly.

The “fake it until I make it” mentality can cost a lot more than embarrassment from asking a question. It can result in a “close call,” injury, property damage or worse – it can cost someone their life.

At Brubacher, we view safety as more than complying with standards found in a three-ring binder. We approach safety from a stewardship perspective. The company and our employees recognize that each of us is a steward of our lives and the lives of others. And when you begin to approach safety from a stewardship perspective rather than a compliance perspective, it becomes something much deeper than following a manual – an internal motivation to do what’s right.