• Eric H. and Logan B. work as a team locating utilities for a pipe crew to install water main.

  • Jonas N. takes the shine off his brand new D61 dozer pushing off fill for building pads.

  • Todd B. and Dave P. work together to load and truck fill dirt across site.

  • Justin works to push home a stick of sanitary sewer at Neshaminy Falls.

  • Pete L. loads a Brubacher triaxle to transport topsoil from phase 3 to phase 2 of Preserve at Marsh Creek.

  • JP and Matt L. work together through hand signals to set a trench box on a sanitary sewer run.

  • Dan A. loads topsoil for Ben Brubacher in his restored Mack.

  • Dan H. and Dakota H. work together to cut in a retention basin at Dwell at Caln.

  • Steve L. work to backfill an underground retention bed in a Cat 963.