A Reflection of Growth and Gratitude 2010 - 2022

As we sharpen our core focus and reflect on the recent closing of Brubacher’s Energy Services office (located in Tioga County, PA), we express our gratitude to our team members, past and current, whose dedication played an important role in building and operating the Energy Services division. Established in 2010 to serve PA’s natural gas industry, the business unit served our clients with outstanding results, and provided meaningful work for our team members for which we will always be grateful. It played an important role for Brubacher over the past 12 years, during a time when dependable site contractors were needed after the discovery and uprise of the Marcellus Shale industry.

“Seeing the progression in our connections and friendships as a team, and the substantial work we performed in that period of time, it’s very rewarding to have been a part of that,” said Kevin B., Project Manager. “Through continuing improvements in the oil and gas industry, our energy services group elevated and, overall, it helped shape Brubacher.”

It has been a commitment of Brubacher’s from the beginning to continually evolve and grow to meet the changing needs of our clients. Following the 2008 housing market collapse, we recognized the opportunity to serve our communities in a new way and adapted to a new market to provide work for our team. We were determined to continue fulfilling our mission of Shaping the World We Live In. In 2010, after many exploratory excursions and business development efforts, Brubacher was awarded the sitework contract for a dormitory project at Mansfield University. This was the turning point for our company in providing a base of operations from which to serve the natural gas industry and bringing on key team members who modeled Brubacher’s core values; this team helped lead our company to the growth and success that we reflect on today. Each individual has had an impact on Brubacher and made a lasting difference for our clients.

While the industry has seen a decrease in the amount and pace of construction, the Energy Services team played a key part in meeting the varied needs of the gas industry for over a decade. It’s been an honor to have helped our clients establish the infrastructure needed during those years, whether the job called for land clearing, building well pads, creating access roads, installing waterlines, containment and rig mats, water impoundment, or snow removal. The Energy Services team was always ready to answer the call, quick to show up, and committed to getting the job done safely and on time, every time. The fast-paced projects with tight deadlines challenged our company in ways that have helped shape how efficiently we work together as a team today.

Working in the gas industry was also influential in shaping Brubacher’s next-level safety procedures, helping us to continue living safety as a value every day. We have implemented the First-Move-Forward system for vehicle parking, additional hand and eye protection for employees, high-visibility clothing, and more. The number of takeaways that our company has from these 12 years in the gas industry is incredible, and the hard work of all who made it possible is a testament to how great those individuals truly are.

“I’m proud of everything that we did as a group. Everyone wanted everybody to do well and to be their best,” said Chris J., Estimator. “It was definitely a team effort and it forced us to be better and even more forward-thinking as a whole.”

As time often leads to change, we have adapted to the economy and environment once again; there is now less need for this infrastructure work, and we recognized this trend over the past few years. Today, the gas industry is more focused on site maintenance, such as road grading and ditch cleaning with fewer major site construction projects. While the Energy Services office in Tioga County has closed, we’re excited for the team members who have chosen to continue their Brubacher careers and transition to our Bowmansville, PA, headquarters.

“We diversified quickly within the market during those years, and we’ll continue to do our best, hold quality at the highest standard, and be good stewards of our clients’ financial resources. The fact that we were the last man standing from all the southeast PA contractors that set up shop during the oil and gas industry boom says a lot,” said Brad C., Director of Field Operations. “We never lost sight on the importance of maintaining our culture and our credibility of how we perform work for our clients.”