Business Development Director Returns with New Goals

Chris Sztenderowicz

Brubacher is proud to welcome Chris Sztenderowicz, business development director, back to the team. Many of you may recognize Chris from his previous time at Brubacher from 2017-2019. In early March, Chris returned with a new goal but the same enthusiasm, creativity, and initiative we’ve always admired about him.

Stepping back into the business development director role at Brubacher is an exciting career move for Chris. His goals include solidifying long-term, continuous, renewable, contracts in both current client industries and new. The change in the role reflects the Brubacher leadership team’s effort to maintain a steady workload throughout the year and offer employees more consistency.

On a personal level, Chris is excited to return to the large family at Brubacher. He genuinely missed the relationships he forged here and is excited to be in a role where he can have a positive impact on the future of the company.

“To me, success in my role at Brubacher would be for my fellow employees to know that I genuinely care about them and their families,” Chris said. “I want to show this through my ability to secure long-term, repeatable contracts. I hope to make a positive impact in their lives.”

Looking back to where Brubacher began 50 years ago, we can see that change is a constant. Based on our mission and core values, that change revolves around improving the lives of our employees, our customers, and the world around us.

This is the same mindset Chris has in the revised business development director role. With the leadership team by his side, he’s looking to leverage Brubacher’s assets, people, and current internal infrastructure to help the company expand into new industries. His objective is to start working toward the company’s 2025 growth goals today.

To chart this future path and build meaningful new business relationships, Chris will implement his creativity, initiative for finding key resources, and entrepreneurial skills.


Utility Superintendent Promotion

Steve Luckenbill

Steve Luckenbill began his journey at Brubacher as a laborer back in June 2010. Since then, he has been promoted to equipment operator, pipe supervisor, and now utility superintendent.

In his latest role as utility supervisor, Steve schedules crew members and projects, works with Aqua and UGI clients on their contracts, schedules the vacuum excavation truck, and works with project managers on matters involving cost and job efficiency. His top priorities in managing all of these areas include ensuring everyone is working safely, accomplishing customers’ goals, and learning through hands-on experiences.

Steve believes it’s a combination of his initiative and the opportunities that Brubacher’s leadership team provides to employees that has helped him achieve his career goals. Everyone from site supervisors to Keith have encouraged Steve to lead. They’ve also provided continuous site-specific and safety training throughout the years.

“I’m proud of the ability to move up within the company,” Steve said. “No matter where I wanted to grow within the company, there’s always been support from colleagues and the leadership team.”

Looking ahead, Steve is excited to have a hand in leading all the crews and supporting the pipe supervisors. His goal is to offer the approximately 30 crew members the same guidance and direction that he has always been afforded at Brubacher.


Celebrating the Retirement of Wilmer Nolt

Wilmer Nolt

At the end of March, the Brubacher family said “see you later” to long-time employee Wilmer Nolt, Surveyor. For 38 years, Wilmer has been an integral part of the survey department. For the last 20 years, he’s been in the office preparing calculations for the survey crews and building digital models for the GPS machine control systems in our dozers and excavators.

Wilmer started his career in the survey department in 1983 with just a two-person survey crew. At that time, the company and surveyor roles looked drastically different. There were no computers, no cell phones, and no GPS, and all calculations were made in the field with a hand calculator.

During those early years, Wilmer was in the field full-time, learning from the licensed land surveyors. It was by their side that he went from being completely inexperienced to obtaining his professional land surveyor license in 1998. Earning this accomplishment is something Wilmer is proud of to this day, and He is grateful to Brubacher for paying for his textbooks and testing.

“Working here has been great,” Wilmer said. “I like what I do every day and looking at a completed job that I had a role in. At Brubacher, we have the opportunity to work together, and it’s a true family atmosphere where all of the employees genuinely look out for one another.”

Years of advancing technology brought change into Wilmer’s career as a surveyor. While Brubacher provided opportunities for learning and advanced equipment, it was Wilmer’s initiative and drive to succeed that kept him moving forward. He took advantage of every training opportunity and continuing-education credit and even taught himself to type and grow with the evolving technology.

Wilmer will miss the people and comradery he grew to love at Brubacher. However, there’s one former coworker that he’ll have the pleasure of continuing to journey alongside. Wilmer’s wife, Jane, a recently retired Brubacher employee, is ready for her partner in life to begin adventuring with her in retirement.

Although they don’t fully know what the future will hold, Wilmer and Jane both thank God for their good health and opportunity to spend time together. They have been to all 50 states and hope to enjoy more adventures together while traveling and camping.

The two also serve their community and spread Christian love by volunteering with Mennonite Disaster Service, helping restore hope and homes after natural disasters. With Wilmer joining Jane in retirement, they hope to spend more time serving others and nurturing them in faith.