Growing Skills & Building Careers

Keith Brubacher

Keith A. Brubacher

The Brubacher team is celebrating a long list of employment anniversaries and promotions while honoring a few retirees recently. Reflecting on these achievements by a group of people with diverse stories, skills and journeys, a few things quickly stand out. They represent four truths:

  • The individual dedication, loyalty, and flexibility of team members over many years, up to four decades! These valued team members have played important roles in our greatest successes and been understanding during our deepest challenges. Milestones always tell a lot about the adaptability of the individual and the ability of both parties to work through tough patches that come with any long-lasting relationship or new responsibility.
  • The opportunities at Brubacher to grow in skills, experience and qualities that lead to individual and team success, resulting in greater rewards in both areas. I'm proud of the fact that people who are committed to Safety, Integrity, Initiative and Teamwork can start as a laborer, equipment operator or truck driver and become a skilled operator using complex GPS models, a CFO or a supervisor. As a merit-shop, non-union contractor, we offer great job flexibility for our team, ability to set up unique benefits and flexibility in responding to the employment and project markets.
  • The wide-ranging opportunities in the construction industry for those who learn best by doing the work and enjoy seeing tangible results that last beyond a lifetime, to places for those with college degrees and MBA's. Construction is one of the few industries in which those who excel outside of a classroom can earn a great income, buy a house, and support a family, save and retire with over $1 million. Yes, there are some tough seasons, and it takes personal discipline to save up in the good years.
  • The opportunities in America that allow us to pursue, learn and even change a career. When I listen to the stories of those who have joined Brubacher from other cultures and countries, I am reminded of the blessing of choices, freedoms and benefits we enjoy despite imperfections.

Brubacher is proud of team members building their careers at Brubacher. For some, it means growing their skills within the same role for decades, becoming true masters of their trade. For others, it means progressing through various roles of increasing responsibility, overseeing other people or more complex projects. Regardless the path, we count it a privilege to do our part in guiding each one toward discovering and living out their unique God-given talents and qualities. And, we're inviting hard-working, eager learners to join our team to help us Shape the World we Live in!