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Brubacher Employees are Making the Grade

We’re continuing our 50th year celebration by looking back at the values Ben Brubacher founded this company on. Brubacher was and still is fueled by dedicated employees who are continuing Ben’s legacy of seeing what needs to be done and working hard to meet our commitments to our customers.

Our newest Making the Grade program is designed to celebrate these dedicated employees — the people who are shaping the world we live in by having an impact on the lives of others here at Brubacher, onsite, and in our communities.

Each month, employees nominate a coworker for modeling our core values and going beyond his or her job description to help our company accomplish our customers’ goals. Management then selects a winner. Winners receive $250 for themselves and a $500 donation to a charity of their choice.


January Making the Grade: Linda Martin

Linda Martin

Many of you have seen Linda Martin supporting Brubacher’s cleaning efforts for the past two years. Linda’s dedication to keeping the Brubacher facility running is an inspiration to us all.

As we’ve seen firsthand, Linda doesn’t wait to be asked to do something. She takes the initiative to do whatever she sees needing to be done. Linda’s pride in her work is another reason she was nominated for January’s Making the Grade. Even when no one is watching, Linda goes above and beyond because she believes Brubacher’s team deserves the same respect that she receives.

“The Making the Grade program shows that Brubacher’s leadership really cares about their employees as individuals, and not just as another number,” Linda said. “They truly think of employees as family and live out their core values.”

Linda felt surprised and honored to be awarded January’s Making the Grade. She used the $500 as an opportunity to honor her late mother’s memory by donating to Lancaster Hospice, the company that cared for her mother just over a year ago.

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February Making the Grade: Guy Templin

Guy Templin

Guy Templin is a Brubacher CDL Class A truck driver and operator. Over the past two-and-a-half years, you haven’t seen Guy only in his truck. You’ve likely also seen him out in the field helping crews on projects in any areas he can.

It’s Guy’s natural ambition and teamwork-driven mindset that got him nominated for February’s Making the Grade. He’s always looking for ways to help people and always puts his best effort forward.

“I have a lot of respect for everyone here at Brubacher,” Guy said. “At many companies, truck drivers are seldom recognized for what they do. This was a great honor, and I think it’s great that leadership recognizes people who go above and beyond at the company.”

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March Making the Grade: Dion Deamer

Dion Deamer

Many Brubacher employees don’t realize when they go above and beyond the call of duty. It’s simply in their nature. Dion Deamer, one of our dedicated field mechanics, is one of those special individuals. As Dion works to keep our fleet operating at full capacity in the field, he’s also always on the lookout for ways he can help others.

Dion’s natural willingness to lend a helping hand got him nominated for Making the Grade in March. When seeing that a truck driver was struggling to load a piece of machinery onto a trailer by himself, Dion jumped in to help.

“Someone was supposed to be there to guide him, but they weren’t there,” Dion said. “I saw that he was struggling, so I just walked over to help him. That’s what teamwork at Brubacher is all about.”

As one of the truck drivers in this year’s Make-A-Wish convoy on Mother’s Day, Dion felt moved to donate his $500 to the Make-a-Wish foundation. He sees that many families are struggling right now and believes the kids in the foundation deserve something positive.

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