to Zero – Stretch and Flex

  • Jordan K., Brubacher Trainer, providing coaching at PPL T-Line.

  • The Brubacher Office staff getting warmed up early on a Friday morning.

The Brubacher Safety Department has been working diligently to design a program that will address the leading cause of workplace injuries and lost time – soft tissue injuries. In late June, Brubacher office employees began the daily Brubacher Stretch and Flex program, with Field employees following in July.

The program, which is comprised of a series of warm-up stretches that take about 5 minutes to complete, is designed to significantly decrease the chances of a soft tissue injury while at work. Every morning, in the office and on every job site, Brubacher employees will spend 5 minutes warming up for the day with the goal of ending the day injury free and able to enjoy time with their families.