– Making Waves


  • Dr. Cindy Schmeltz providing Cylo, the Lancaster Barnstormers mascot, a quick checkup before he celebrates the Construct Health grand opening.

  • Brubacher employees, healthcare providers, and other guests touring the ConstructHealth and Fitness Center Facility at ConstructHealth's grand opening.

Brubacher's onsite medical clinic has been open for business for several months. Aside from providing exceptionally convenient and low-cost healthcare to Brubacher employees and their families, ConstructHealth and its practitioner, Dr. Cindy Schmeltz, have been making positive waves in the lives of Brubacher employees.

ConstructHealth has seen tremendous participation thus far, with many employees seeking care for typical issues like common cold, muscle strain and infections. The personal relationship between Dr. Schmeltz and many Brubacher employees – most of whom she sees multiple times a year for DOT, insurance, or other screenings, has allowed her to connect and treat far more than common ailments. So far, Dr. Schmeltz has been able to develop plans for several employees to successfully quit smoking, has diagnosed and treated employees for previously undiscovered Lyme disease and diabetes, amongst other life changing stories. Additionally, Dr. Schmeltz is now certified to provide DOT physicals and will be offering camp/summer sport physicals for family members of employees.

Convenience has been key. Dr. Schmeltz mentioned that several employees who could not find time to get to the doctor would pull in at the beginning or end of the day, see the ConstructHealth sign and think "maybe I finally have time to get X, Y or Z checked out." A few of these employees even had potentially life threatening, undiagnosed conditions that are now being effectively managed.

Brubacher is pleased to recognize Dr. Schmeltz for her positive impact on the lives of our coworkers. "Seeing others able to live out God's best for their lives by caring for their health and wellbeing is an added benefit of our Construct Health clinic!" – Keith Brubacher