Brubacher excavator
These days, it seems like the future is getting closer, faster and faster. Each year, the construction industry integrates new and exciting software with the objective of making the jobsite safer and more efficient. Keith Brubacher, President, recently read an intriguing article from Equipment World that imagined the role of artificial intelligence on the jobsite in the near future.

The article envisions an artificial intelligence system that interprets massive amounts of job data, like weather, operator experience, and absenteeism to compute the probability of an accident. This data, organized and displayed into red lights and green lights on a screen, quickly helps a construction manager focus his attention where it’s needed most.

As a Company, Brubacher evaluates opportunities to change and better serve our customers. The technology described in Equipment World's article is thrilling, particularly because it is poised to be an important asset for construction companies. Brubacher places immense value on our teams and their ability to fulfill our purpose of being uncommonly refreshing in our approach to people, projects, and solutions. With artificial intelligence and enhanced telematics in our crosshairs, we hope to invest in technology that provides our teams the best tools to serve our customers.