Aqua – Lenni Rd

  • PC138 Excavators loading out trench spoils onto waiting dump trucks.

  • Brubacher vacuum excavation crew searches for a gas service while the Asphalt Zipper mills the road in front.

As part of an ongoing relationship with Aqua Pennsylvania, Brubacher's utilities team was hired to install a new water main and pave along the entire 12,116 linear ft. of Lenni State Rd.

In late winter, the team on Lenni Rd overcame the challenge of an old underground tunnel, which required a jack and bore to install pipe 16' under the tunnel. Over the course of the project, the team has navigated through unknown water systems that were not in the location described by the project plans.

Shawn B., Project Manager, recognized the team for committing to finishing the project on a firm deadline considering additional pipe footage and unforeseen underground difficulties. Specifically, he recognized Tim M., Pipe Supervisor, for smoothly orchestrating the approach to the tunnel crossing.

Land Clearing

The Brubacher Land Clearing crew kept busy through the biting Winter and into the Spring as they completed Brubacher's largest clearing job to date. The team of 11 men cut 160 acres over the course of 33 days without incident to prepare a site for a 25-turbine wind farm in Northern Pennsylvania.

Over the course of the project, the team conquered troublesome winter weather, mud, and barely passable access roads into the site, which required tracking equipment 7 miles up a mountain road.

Brad C., General Superintendent, recognized the Land Clearing team for their dedication to the project as they stayed several hours away from home to clear and grub the site on an aggressive deadline. He also recognized the team for sharing resources with the Energy Services office to keep men and equipment on site and productive.

Land Clearing

Land Clearing