Keith Brubacher

Keith A. Brubacher

Brubacher team disproves the argument that working safely hinders production and profitability.

We've likely all heard someone retort "Do you want me to get the job done on time or do it the way you want it done?" after being challenged to address an unsafe practice. I'm proud of our team for working together to complete 2015 with Zero Lost Time Injuries and beating our industry average of Total Recordable Injuries. They've proven that we can perform challenging work efficiently, meet quality standards AND be safe. The goals are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they support each other, because each one requires advance planning and communication among everyone involved in order to succeed. The Brubacher team is committed to living out these traits so that each of our co-workers return home safely to their loved ones every evening.

I am excited as I see project teams engaging our safety professionals for input BEFORE beginning unique or high-risk operations. We see improvements in the quality and number of BOSS (Behavior Observation Safety System) cards and safety observations across the company. In the fleet area we've implemented a plan where technicians evaluate a co-worker's service truck and shop staff take turns doing safety observations in areas outside of their usual domain. This has led to identification of hazards that others, who are more familiar with their surroundings, occasionally miss.

Our mission is to share insight, reduce stress and manage risk for our clients. Choosing a safe contractor with a strong safety program is the foundation to the success of your next project. We'd be pleased to discuss it with you.