Elmwood Avenue Project for Aqua Pennsylvania

Aqua water main

The Elmwood Avenue project for Aqua Pennsylvania consists of approximately 5,500 ft of 4, 6, 8 and 12” water main and 100 residential services. It is located on six different streets in the Sharon Hill Borough, Delaware County, PA. Several of the streets involved are a shortcut to reach the local Amtrak station.  Brubacher® crews are challenged to keep the traffic flow moving while guarding not only their own safety, but the welfare of pedestrian and drivers in the area as well. The area being excavated includes old and new gas services, both of which are being marked by the utility company. To ensure safe excavation and eliminate the risk for utility hits, Brubacher is performing vacuum excavation at all markings before the work begins so that crews know exactly where utilities are located.


Citadel Credit Union Project in Concord Township

Citadel Concord

At the Citadel Credit Union project in Concord Township, Delaware County, Brubacher was contracted to prepare a pad by exporting material and stabilizing the site for the General Contractor to build on this past winter. Brubacher discovered the original underground basin design was such that we could not have a safe excavation due to restrictions from existing underground utilities and the proximity of the property line. Brubacher offered value engineering before starting to provide a viable, affordable solution. Before the pad delivery, we also installed most of the sanitary sewer and storm sewer systems.   The site was small and necessitated pro-active communication for coordination with the other subs on site to stay on schedule. This spring the Brubacher crew will complete the project with utilities, curbing and paving on site.