2010 President's Message

The Brubacher Merit-Shop Philosophy

Like 85 percent of all businesses in the United States, Brubacher is a merit-shop firm, which means our employees receive individual recognition and rewards based on their own merit, and are not limited by the rules of a trade union. We are proud that our employees have chosen to be a part of our merit-shop organization, and we believe that remaining a merit-shop is best for the employees, our customers and our company.

We’ve probably all played the childhood game, Whisper Down the Lane, and from playing that game, you know that the more times a message is repeated, even with the best of intentions, it breeds the environment for miscommunication and misunderstanding. If you add into that group a person who does not have the best of intentions, you are bound to have communication issues. This isn’t how Brubacher wishes to communicate. Brubacher’s merit-shop structure gives us the ability to solve problems as they arise by working directly with employees and customers, and not through a third party where messages get distorted.