2009 President's Message

Changes Do Bring Opportunities

The definition of normal in the U.S. business world is changing dramatically each day. In today’s difficulties will lay the seeds of tomorrow’s successes. However, that is only true if we are willing to recognize that it may look differently tomorrow than it did yesterday. We can choose to be upset with the world around us, with Wall Street or with government spending or we can recognize there are things we simply cannot control individually. As BEI team members, we are choosing to embrace the changes and seeking opportunities within change – both individually and as a team of construction professionals.

During these challenging times, it is even more important to be deliberate about the actions we take. Always keep safety first. The first of BEI’s five core values, it must never be sacrificed on the altar of necessity or used as a false excuse when venturing outside of our comfort zone. Secondly, we do well to remember who we are, to pursue our goals, and to live out our values.

Those who succeed maintain a visible sense of urgency. This shouldn’t be confused with developing a “quick temper.” Many people translate a sense of urgency into being short with others, but those are two different things with very different outcomes. The visible sense of urgency that I am suggesting is a spring in our step, a promptness and respect for the value of each other’s time – being punctual with start and stop times, and having a clear purpose for every activity. Planning ahead to get the most productivity and speaking up when you see something that’s not right so it can be corrected efficiently are closely related to maintaining urgency of purpose.

Regardless the economic state of affairs, those who carefully use resources are rewarded. This includes time, equipment, materials, money, skills, and talents. Additionally, we must be careful stewards of our customers’ trust as this is the most precious asset placed in our care as a contractor.

Cultivate a helpful team spirit. When times are tough and the pressure is on like it is in today’s business world, it is easy to start pointing fi ngers and blaming other– other team members, municipal authorities, subcontractors and even customers. This is not helpful. Think about it: The Philadelphia Phillies did not win the World Series by playing against themselves. They won by coming together as a team and working towards a common goal. The same is to be said for BEI team members. We need to continuously work together as a team towards our daily, weekly, project-specific and overall company goals.

While today’s business climate is full of challenges not experienced in a long time, BEI is discovering
new opportunities in this environment. Ranging from new services like vacuum excavation and HDPE fused pipe to new customers who are pleased to experience the Brubacher Difference, the seeds of tomorrow’s success are sprouting!

Each one must do his/her part by remembering our vision, mission, and core values and recognize that, with time, change does bring opportunities. We need to remain alert so we may reap a bright and successful tomorrow!