2008 President's Message

Achieving Sustainable & Profitable Growth

When my dad started his business 37 years ago, he began it alone and with one backhoe doing work for farmers and homeowners. Today, Brubacher Excavating has transformed completely from those early years. We’ve grown to 380 employees strong with over 200 pieces of equipment. Our business now comes from developers and general contractors, and the next 37 years will, no doubt, hold even more significant changes to both our company and to the industry. In order to prepare for the future, we’ve developed and are following a Strategic Plan. The four key objectives of the plan are: 1) Achieving Operational Excellence, 2) Building Customer Loyalty, 3) Becoming the Workplace of Choice and 4) Achieving Sustainable and Profitable Growth. The first three parts will certainly have an impact on the fourth; however, it doesn’t guarantee success. We need to select the right places, projects and customers with whom to work.

Core Values not Big Growth Goals Motivate Brubacher

When talking about profits and growth, many people automatically think these are beneficial only to the business owner. But achieving sustainable and profitable growth is much more important for other reasons, including:

  • Providing a financially stable workplace where benefits can be maintained
  • Offering opportunities to experience career growth
  • Broadening the business’ scope by adding new construction services for customers; and
  • Receiving best pricing from our suppliers which makes us more competitive in the marketplace

We must always be ourselves: What will be the future needs of our customers? Where are the best opportunities to meet those needs? And what do we need to start doing now or change in order to prepare for the answers to those questions?

At Brubacher Excavating, we’ve never been driven by big growth goals. Instead, our motivation comes from our core values of safety, integrity, honesty, initiative and respectfulness – all which impact our success as a company. Our core values are apparent in our commitment to deliver the best construction experience to our customers and by doing what’s right and fair. They are reflected in the strong business relationships we
build, and in turn, customer loyalty grows as our customers gain trust in us. 

Staying Flexible to the Future

It is important that we make decisions for the long-run, not simply this year’s earnings report. We constantly keep an eye on what will benefit both our customers and our company five, ten and even 20 years from now. That is what has sustained Brubacher Excavating for the last 37 years, and that’s what will help us grow over the years to come.

So as we move toward the future, I ask that you remember the importance of being flexible. We need to remain flexible in the types of work we are asked to do for growth to occur, while sticking to our core values. Through hard work and dedication, together we can achieve growth that benefits all for years to come!