The Latest Scoop is a newsletter published quarterly to provide you with industry updates and Brubacher® insights. Get the inside glimpse at what our experts are up to and the recent projects they've been working on.

Summer 2021

In this issue, Keith discusses the laws of sowing and reaping, as they apply to the framework of our individual lives, and in relation to the culture we're building at Brubacher. We profile some of our team members and recognize additional team members who are taking on new roles in the company. We also celebrated our past, present, and future during a two-day event with our employees, customers, and business partners who helped us achieve 50 years in business.

Spring 2021

In this issue, Keith talks about 'Growing Skills & Building Careers' inside and outside of Brubacher. Brubacher is proud to host an Open House in recognition of 50 years in business. We also celebrate several service awards for our team members.

Winter 2021

In this issue, Keith reflects on '50 Years of Excellence' and the Brubacher story. We also celebrate a number of team members reaching important milestones in their Brubacher careers - a new team member, another taking on a new role, a couple of retirements, and the Brubacher Service Award goes to a 40-year veteran.

Fall 2020

In this issue, Keith defines the primary roles of a true leader, and describes Brubacher's approach to sharing information with our team members. We also highlight a crew member's return to the Brubacher family, and review recent projects.

Summer 2020

Keith explains that the construction industry is full of hopeful people, and is thankful that the Brubacher team rises to the occasion in these challenging times. We also discuss safety upgrades to our truck fleet, and review recent projects.

Winter 2020

In this issue, Keith discusses the importance of health and wellness for our team members, and how that makes a positive impact on the work we do. We also review current projects, and welcome a new member to the team.

Spring 2019

Excellence, as Keith ponders, can mean different things to different people and organizations. We also discuss our summer internship and co-op program, and review recent projects.

Winter 2019

In this issue, Keith points out the importance of constructive communication throughout a project's lifespan. We also highlight our continuing commitment to the health of our team members, and review recent projects.

Fall 2018

In this issue, Keith discusses why worksite safety is of the highest priority for all Brubacher employees. We also welcome a new member to the Brubacher team, and highlight our latest projects.

Summer 2018

In this issue, Keith gives a few examples of his pride in Brubacher's employees. We also review current projects, and welcome new members to the team.

Spring 2018

Imagining the future, reviewing current projects and contract negotiations are all covered in this issue.

Winter 2018

In this issue, Keith's asks "So What?"; we highlight recent projects in Lansdale, Westtown and Northern PA; welcome Melvin Pullen and Chris Sztenderowicz  to the Brubacher team; and share photos from the archives.