The Latest Scoop is a newsletter published quarterly to provide you with industry updates and Brubacher® insights. Get the inside glimpse at what our experts are up to and the recent projects they've been working on.

Spring 2019

Excellence, as Keith ponders, can mean different things to different people and organizations. We also discuss our summer internship and co-op program, and review recent projects.

Winter 2019

In this issue, Keith points out the importance of constructive communication throughout a project's lifespan. We also highlight our continuing commitment to the health of our team members, and review recent projects.

Fall 2018

In this issue, Keith discusses why worksite safety is of the highest priority for all Brubacher employees. We also welcome a new member to the Brubacher team, and highlight our latest projects.

Summer 2018

In this issue, Keith gives a few examples of his pride in Brubacher's employees. We also review current projects, and welcome new members to the team.

Spring 2018

Imagining the future, reviewing current projects and contract negotiations are all covered in this issue.

Winter 2018

In this issue, Keith's asks "So What?"; we highlight recent projects in Lansdale, Westtown and Northern PA; welcome Melvin Pullen and Chris Sztenderowicz  to the Brubacher team; and share photos from the archives.

Fall 2017

In this issue, Keith discusses the importance and qualities of interdependence, we highlight recent projects including Bayberry, Righter's Ferry, and Rohrer's Quarry, and share a couple of photos from the archives.


In this issue Keith shares a few examples of how Brubacher employees’ hard work and planning minimized challenges and delays. We highlight recent projects, including Concord Plaza, Whispering Farms, and Exeter Storage World. Report on the local Make-A-Wish Event and share Keith's Labor of Love, a hand-crafted scale model of a Caterpillar 955K Loader!


In this issue we discuss what we look for in a job, our recent visit to ConExpo, and we highlight three recent projects: Fairfield Inn, Rt. 84 Clearing, and Kimberton Glen.


Persistence, leadership training, and professional growth are emphasized in this quarter's issue. Current projects include the Liseter Residence Project, and Kimberton Glen.

FALL 2016

In this issue we spotlight employee growth, safety awards and achievements. Current projects this quarter include Applecross 5B, Conestoga Road, Halcyon, Tice Estates, Meadow Glen Phase III, Residence Inn, Everts Well Pad and more!


In this issue Keith recounts some examples that show how pre-work planning and open communication is essential. We share some of the safety observations from our many BOSS card winners, and we highlight photos and details of our recent projects.


In this issue: Keith emphasizes that working safely actually improves production and profitability; Brubacher adds new dump trucks, a fuel truck, and a lowboy tractor to its fleet; and we've been hard at work on a number of sites, including one involving an evening gas-main leak in Williamsport.


Safety and leadership training, recent awards, our current projects and the announcement of our new Employee Fitness Center are all featured in this issue of the newsletter.

FALL 2015

A few words from Keith on how adapting to changes, challenges and opportunities are key to career and company success in site construction; a successful summer internship program; highlights of our recent projects and more....


Three employees graduate from the Brubacher Leadership Development Program, more than $5,000 are raised for the Make-A-Wish® program, current projects and more. . . .

Spring 2015

Brubacher opens new office in the Lehigh Valley, EHS Field Specialist Alan Houck becomes certified as a CHST, Kris Hay receives CEM designation, current projects and more . . .

Winter 2015

Keith talks about the importance of DOING something instead of making empty statements, Brubacher receives ABC Merit Level award, current projects and more . . .

Fall 2014

Keith Brubacher talks about the ten critical questions to ask your contractor, work on Three Springs Ministries begins, current projects, energy services work and more . . .

Summer 2014

Herb Brownett receives an ICCIFP award, staff raises nearly $10,000 in philanthropic efforts, Keith Brubacher discusses the clouds and silver linings of projects and more . . .


Current projects, Ahold safety award and the latest news . . .

Winter 2014

Safety Myths & Motivations, current projects and more . . .

Fall 2013

Industry Insights, the latest projects and more . . .

Summer 2013

The current change order mentality, the latest projects and more . . .

Spring 2013

The damaging change order mentality, the importance of safety 100% of the time, leadership insight on defining roles and responsibilities, the latest projects and more . . .

Winter 2013

Adopting a life-long learning attitude for success, safety day 2013, energy services update, 2013 service awards, the latest projects and more . . .

Fall 2012

Brubacher's core values, wellness day recap, energy services update, leadership development on planning and execution, the latest projects and more . . .

Summer 2012

Brubacher's vision and mission, wellness survey results, managing emergencies, energy services update, understanding the four ways of communication, the latest projects and more . . .

Spring 2012

Four areas to growth success, Brubacher nutrition challenge, 2012 safety banner winner, energy services update, understanding personality and using it in the workplace, the latest projects and more . . .

Winter 2012

Preparing for changes in the construction industry, Brubacher Wellness Challenge, Northern Tier Update, leadership development, the latest projects and more . . .

Fall 2011

Creating silver linings in frustrating situations, employee wellness picnic, listening safety, Northern Tier update, eight components of leadership and team building, the latest projects and more . . .

Summer 2011

How teamwork and traits allow you to tackle new frontiers, 2011 pedometer challenge results, safety mentors, key leadership terms/ideas, the latest projects and more . . .

Spring 2011

Marriage makes safer driving habits?, wellness at home, safety and quality, recognition and thanks, events, the latest projects and more . . .

Fall 2010 President's Message

"Will We All Be Better Off?" Five key areas of decision making that will have an impact on the construction industry at the end of the economic downturn.

Summer 2010 President's Message

"Stewardship Motivates Safety" A discussion on safety planning and performing in order to protect the life, health and property of all employees.

Spring 2010 President's Message

"The Brubacher Merit-Shop Philosophy" How Brubacher's employee structure gives us the ability to solve problems by working directly with employees and customers.

Winter 2010 President's Message

"With Arms Outstretched" How striving to be a lifelong learner increases value, builds relationships and opens doors in our business.

Fall 2009 President's Message

"Caretakers of Trust" Brubacher contributes to the success of companies by being stewards of trust.

Summer 2009 President's Message

"Brubacher's Diversity=Customer Solutions" Our wide range of services are often overlooked, but we can meet the full-scope of site services required for commercial, residential, municipal and industrial customers.

Spring 2009 President's Message

"Changes Do Bring Opportunities" As the business world changes dramatically each day, we can use those changes to recognize and seek new opportunities.

Fall 2008 President's Message

"Value Engineering" Brubacher integrates value engineering into an entire project, from the design phase through engineering and beyond.

Spring 2008 President's Message

"Achieving Sustainable & Profitable Growth" Being motivated by your core values, instead of huge growth goals will drive success, because customers can gain trust and build a stronger business relationship.