Kurtis D. Promoted to Paving Roller Operator

In his third year at Brubacher, Kurtis is promoted from paving laborer to paving roller operator. In his new role, his main priority is ensuring proper compaction with a high-quality paving appearance, meaning the roads hold up well and look great when the job is done: smooth, no imperfections.

An admirable trait about Kurtis, and part of what’s contributed to his promotion, is his level of commitment and attention to detail on all projects. No matter the size of the job, he continues to be 100 percent focused and strives to achieve excellent results for complete client satisfaction. This commitment is a true reflection of Brubacher’s vision to be uncommonly refreshing in our approach to people, projects, and solutions. When a client chooses Brubacher, they know they’re in for a one-of-a-kind experience because there’s a refreshing difference in our attitude and the finished product, and it’s through individuals like Kurtis that bring this to life.

Kurtis credits Smoky (Mike S.), breakdown roller operator at Brubacher. “Smoky really instilled this in me: Would you want this in your neighborhood if you lived here? Would you be happy with the work that was done?” Kurtis said. “I try to look at projects from the customer’s perspective. Smoke really is the one that I try to model myself after. He’s really good at what he does and showed me all of what I do now.”

Kurtis’ father and brother are also on Brubacher’s team, and Kurtis commented that his father “worked for a few construction companies prior, and he has always said that Brubacher treats their employees best.” All three are currently on the same crew, working together.

“It’s pretty cool that our company is big enough to have endless opportunities but small enough that you run into a lot of people you know and can work with your family members, too,” Kurtis said.

Another thing that really stands out to Kurtis about being on the Brubacher team is the level of appreciation Keith, co-owner and president, has for his employees. “Keith comes out and actually shows up on site for more than to observe what we’re doing,” he said. “He knows us by name, even without a name tag or with one that’s smudged in dirt. He talks to you as a person, not just as an employee.”

While Mike, Keith and others have had an impact on him over the past three years, we are positive that Kurtis has had an impact on others and will continue to do incredible work in his new role as paving roller operator. Congratulations Kurtis on this well-deserved promotion!

Cody T. Promoted to Site Superintendent

Cody joined the Brubacher team more than eight years ago as an equipment operator, working his way into a foreman position and most recently promoted to site superintendent, a career goal that he’s had in mind since starting with the company. 

In his new role, Cody is responsible for understanding the people needed for each job, scheduling crew members and teams, ordering equipment, and ensuring projects are kept in motion while living safety as a value. He goes above and beyond to maintain consistency and is driven to put forth his best effort to ensure the team continues to execute high quality work while living out Brubacher’s core values daily.

“Good work goes a long way. Brubacher does a really good job acknowledging quality work. If you work hard in this company and do good, keeping a good attitude, that’s huge,” said Cody, who also hopes to help each team member feel more like a “company person” rather than just a “person in construction.” 

“There’s a lot of opportunity for advancement at Brubacher. They take good care of their employees; they’re very family-oriented. I still remember when I first started, my son had to get tubes put in his ears. When we got home from surgery, there was a package on my doorstep. It was a wooden safari truck with a get-well-soon card signed by all the office personnel,” Cody said, sharing a memory that has stuck with him ever since. “I hadn’t even been here for a year yet. I was totally floored by that. For them to care about my family, my kids, that really stuck with me.”

We are grateful to have Cody on our team as a site superintendent and believe he will continue to make an impact on his crews, in the field, and on our clients. Congratulations Cody on your promotion!

Stefan M. Promoted to Foreman

Stefan’s career at Brubacher began 10 years ago. Prior to his promotion to foreman, he worked as an equipment operator. Now, his main priority is to oversee projects, ensuring safety and quality work among all crew members. He is motivated to make sure jobs are done right the first time and done safely every time.

Passionate about the work (regardless of the scope) and well-rounded in the industry from years of experience on all types of equipment, Stefan is most excited to lead more dirt crews and for the opportunities ahead to show others what he’s learned throughout his decade of working in construction at Brubacher while keeping the company values of safety, integrity, initiative, and teamwork front and center.

“I will get out and run a shovel if I need to,” Stefan said. “I’m right there working with my guys, and I like helping others improve on their skillsets.” It is in this way that Stefan not only takes initiative and encourages teamwork, but he also gives back to coworkers and future generations at Brubacher.

Stefan admires the brotherhood-type environment that he and his coworkers have created. Our employees are all valuable members of our team and, together, they can encourage friendship and a sense of community for one another.

“A lot of us have been working together for a long time. It’s more like a family when you get to know the team,” Stefan said.

Congratulations Stefan on your promotion to foreman!