Dwell @ Caln

Welcome Fernmoor Homes, an award-winning builder committed to providing innovative living choices across New Jersey and Delaware for homeowners and rental residents, as a new client for Brubacher. Our team has been awarded all five phases for their 56-acre Dwell @ Caln project, a planned community in Downingtown, PA. This community will result in a total of 400 units, including 200 apartments (9 separate buildings) and 200 townhomes. 

Work began on the initial project phases this October. This project will include a full scope of work, including: 

  • Erosion controls
  • Drilling & Blasting
  • Earthwork and grading
  • HOP improvements on Rt. 322, traffic signal addition and road changes
  • Sewer/water/stormwater utility installations, including underground beds
  • Curb and paving

While the project has just recently begun, the team is ready to take on all challenges and any obstacles that may arise on site. Work on Route 322 may prove to be challenging, as it will include a detour for traffic during construction. Our crews will be working extremely hard and efficiently to keep things moving and to stay within our projected completion dates with both the client and the township.

The team will also rise to the challenge to address a very steep entrance with rock that is next to a gas line – with a blast plan has been approved by the state for this reason specifically. As always, on all jobs, crews will live safety as a value and ensure that communication is clear throughout every step of the process.

Project Manager Ron S., along with Site Superintendent Matt S. and Project Engineer Rob D., are excited to lead the team through the Dwell @ Caln project and to see it come to fruition. They are consistently following up with all needs that arise and communicating with the client, providing support and resources in alignment with our commitment to deliver Insight. On Site.

“They’re doing the job very efficiently and their reputation precedes them. All the work with the township is made infinitely easy. They are attentive to their clients 100 percent, they give it all they’ve got. It’s a complete package with Brubacher,” said Michael H., Dwell @ Caln senior project manager. “They make me feel like I’m the only client they have. The team, the field, the office, they’re all good, professional, and they know their stuff. There’s a comfort level with them, and the support is there.”

Toll Brothers’ Regency at Waterside (Limekiln)

Brubacher began Phase 1 of the 193-acre former Limekiln Golf Course, located in Ambler, PA, in November 2020, and has since started working on Phase 2. This project is notably one of the biggest housing development projects Brubacher has contracted in years.

It’s an honor to be awarded this project, which, when completed, will be the grounds to house 386 single homes and townhomes for community residents.

We are extremely proud of the entire team for their hard work and ability to deliver completed aspects on time, as promised to the client, despite the many unpredictable weather events – from a record amount of snow to 50+ inches of rain to date in 2021, including Hurricane Ida. It is aptly named “Regency at Waterside” for a good reason!

To better display the true magnitude of the Regency at Waterside project, we’re sharing some facts to put the scope of Phase 1 and Phase 2 combined into perspective:

  • 26 acres of clearing (roughly 19½ football fields)
  • 27,000 feet of compost filter sock for erosion control (5.1 miles)
  • 740,000 CY of earthwork (61,666 tri-axle loads)
  • 95,000 feet of sanitary, storm, and water pipe (17.99 miles)
  • 43,000 feet of curb (8.1 miles)
  • 81,000 square yards of pavement (roughly 12½ football fields)

The planning and preparation this job has entailed is significant. Weekly meetings include Brubacher, key subcontractors, and the client, which has helped keep communication on point. Due to the pandemic and how it has affected the supply of materials, Project Manager Joshua S. has performed substantial coordination efforts and attributes much of the project’s success to date to Lennie M., Site Superintendent, and all the pipe crews. 

“We’ve got Lennie and his experience. He received his employee #0001 even before founder Ben Brubacher,” Joshua shared jokingly. “And we have up to four pipe crews at one time, in comparison to two on most other project sites. We commit to what we say we’re going to do, and we hold our company’s core values to a high standard: safety, integrity, initiative, and teamwork.”

The Regency at Waterside project has an end goal to have Phase 1 completed in spring 2022 and Phase 2 completed in summer 2022. Project manager Joshua S. and Site Superintendent Lennie M. will continue to work together and with their crews to ensure client needs are being met and that high-quality work is delivered from start to finish.

Pepperidge Farm

  • Pepperidge Farm After
    Pepperidge Farm After

  • Pepperidge Farm After 2
    Pepperidge Farm After 2

  • Pepperidge Farm Before
    Pepperidge Farm Before

Pepperidge Farm Bakery, located in Denver, PA, is a long-time client of Brubacher’s. We are proud to have performed the original site work 31 years ago. It was Brubacher’s largest project to date at the time, and company president Keith Brubacher spent 4 months there learning and operating skidloader. Since then, we’ve continued to service their excavating and construction needs on an ongoing basis, including inlet and asphalt repairs, basin conversion and maintenance work, storm water management, and, most recently, were tasked with a safety initiative project which kicked off summer of 2021.

This project streamlines a path for their employees to walk on the property safely, with clearly defined routes for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. The entire site layout was considered as team members contributed to the overall walkway design that would ensure a safe and efficient route for all pedestrians. 

While this project is still in progress, crew members have had the opportunity to successfully perform unique tasks on the job, such as modifying curb to create a finished look. This task required a concrete saw to cut consistent angles along the curb paths, and an epoxy kit for smoothing and matching the existing curb appearance. The team performed work in all the interior roadways and parking areas. Additional walkways, stone, speed bumps and radar signs will help bring this project to completion in spring 2022, creating a safer environment for all.

About 900 employees work at the Pepperidge Farm Bakery. Due to part of the job site being in a parking lot, the team has been working diligently around challenging schedules, sometimes having to start at 1:00 AM to get a full day’s work in prior to the client’s employees arriving to park. Overall, the crews have been doing a great job communicating with one another and working together – a true reflection of our core values of teamwork and initiative.

Project Manager Andrew S. gives much credit to Site Superintendent Darrick P. and the entire team for their constant communication and flexibility to get the job done and stay on track. Everyone has shown up and put their best foot forward to provide a positive experience for our valued client, Pepperidge Farm.

“Brubacher is very good to work with, and everyone is very responsive. Working with Andrew especially has been a very good experience,” said Bill B., Denver Plant Maintenance Manager at Pepperidge Farm. “Andrew knows what he’s doing, and his communication has been very effective. There was a lot of creative thinking on the way walkways could be routed, and I think that the Brubacher team has done an excellent job.”