Real. Simple.

Keith Brubacher

Keith A. Brubacher

Facebook and Twitter feeds, YouTube algorithms, TikTok antics, political ads and foreign meddling, household budget pressures and quarantine questions only scratch the surface of the distractions we face every day. We question what is genuine versus what is a nice soundbite or a slick ad. We often carry the same doubt into our relationships with other people. Are they who we think they are? Can we trust them? Do they have our best interest at heart? Do they care about us enough to tell the truth even when it's hard to share? Will they notice my growth?

The workplace is no different. We deal with the same distractions and questions that affect how we relate to others. The new hire wonders if the recruiting ad they saw is accurate. Are their new co-workers going to be helpful and friendly? Will their manager treat them fairly and reward their growth? The supervisor wonders if the new hire can do what they said in the interview and whether they are eager to keep learning. Either one can go online or stand by the tailgate and voice their joy or frustration in that moment for all to hear.

Whether leading a company or a crew, the leader's job is to be REAL. Some prefer to say, 'Be GENUINE' or 'DEFINE REALITY'. They all carry the same idea about keeping things clear so people around them don't need to guess or try and interpret what is really going on. While some things require confidentiality, the Brubacher management team is working to explain the 'why' behind more decisions and close gaps between what we say and do as they arise.

The second role of a leader is to 'Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing'. It is easy to complicate something and it takes constant effort to keep things simple so others know what is important. I haven't often done this well, especially in the early stages of my leadership. Too many times I think more information is better when it instead clouds the focus.

At Brubacher we're working to define reality by sharing how we're doing as a company, our wins and challenges. Weekly updates, video clips and direct conversations with crews are all part of that effort. They also help us focus on pursuing our purpose: Being uncommonly refreshing in our approach to people, projects and solutions.

Everyone has at least one relationship where they can help others confront reality and simplify their focus on what's most important. Let's keep it REAL. Keep it SIMPLE.