Our Values

Quality and Care. A Brubacher Tradition.

When Brubacher placed a bid on a transmission line upgrade project, we knew there would be significant competition. However, we were able to secure the large project based on prior work performance with the project teams. It's the integrity of building relationships based on trust to perform safe, high-quality, on schedule work so crews can move heavy equipment that shows Brubacher's deep commitment to honesty and integrity.

Our crew took the initiative to continue the same quality work with this new project that we've been recognized for in the past. Following the completion of each road, a sign off meeting is held with the overhead electrical contractor to ensure the roads meet requirements.

After the sign off meeting, the general foreman from the overhead electrical contractor emailed Brubacher's site superintendent to thank him for performing quality work at the sites and shared his appreciation for meeting the specifications without cutting corners.


Why I Belong at Brubacher

On-site visits are common for Brubacher managers. We want to share appreciation, know what's working well for our crews, what needs to be changed, and how we can help them reach their career goals.

During recent visits, we discussed why our employees came to Brubacher and why they choose to stay. Nearly everyone mentioned that they feel valued, particularly through the company's safety measures along with the tools and resources offered to help them perform their jobs safely and correctly every day.

Aside from safety, the No. 1 reason people love to work here is the people. They truly feel like part of a family, one where everyone is willing to help everyone else because if each individual is succeeding, the company succeeds as a whole.

This includes many of our field operators and supervisors who have been here for 20 to 30 years and are willing to share their knowledge and experience with crew members who have a hunger to grow in this industry. For those who are looking to grow, Brubacher schedules time to explore other roles to help them grow with the necessary experience and team support.

At the end of the day, we're all proud of the work we all do at Brubacher. Our crews get to see the direct impact their work has on the surrounding communities and for that, we're grateful and blessed. We provide clean, reliable drinking water, home sites where families will grow, safe roads to take people places, stormwater runoff controls, places of commerce, clean energy distribution and more!


A Path Back to Brubacher

Kevin Burbank

Kevin B. spent eight years as an integral part of the Brubacher team helping form what is now the Energy Services group in Liberty, PA before deciding to explore a role at a smaller company. In his prior role with Brubacher, Kevin's primary responsibility as a Project Manager/Estimator was to lead all aspects of the Energy Services team from the procurement of work to successful execution and helping develop the team along the way. His departure didn't mean losing his Brubacher family. Kevin kept in contact with Keith, Allan Day, and some of his former co-workers throughout his two-and-a-half years away.

Being removed from Brubacher's structure and company values, Kevin appreciated them more than ever. He missed the commitment everyone had to work ethic, quality work, safety and the respectful relationships permeating through the company.

These realizations led to open and honest discussions between Brubacher and Kevin regarding his potential return. With an offer on the table, Kevin's decision was easy. He was ready to return to a well-run, family-business with a team committed to doing safe, efficient work that's right the first time.

Kevin's return to Brubacher was like coming home. There were many friendly team member faces there to greet him and the office felt familiar. Some aspects of the company did change, though. Kevin was impressed to see the company's already inspiring commitment to safety being furthered with Journey to Zero Injuries, an accident-free program, and increased continuing education opportunities.