Pond's Edge

The Pond's Edge project was brought to a standstill when COVID hit. Once restrictions were lifted, our clearing crew re-entered this heavily wooded site with various streams running through it to accomplish the clearing of 35 acres.

The Brubacher crew used a CAT 326 excavator with grapple, a 326 excavator with a Rotobec grapple and saw, a CAT 324 excavator with stump splitter, a John Deere 759 Feller Buncher, a John Deere 648 grapple skidder, a CAT 963 root rake, and a Peterson 4710 horizontal grinder.

With our specialized equipment and team of experts, we accomplished clearing roughly two acres a day. That included everything from cutting down the trees to stump removal, and all the way down to bare dirt and processing the treetops and marketable timber.

The project resulted in sending several trailer loads of marketable timber to Weaber Lumber in Lebanon and 280 loads (25,000 cubic yards) of ground treetops and stumps sent to make mulch.


Loader Rebuild

The Brubacher fleet maintenance team supports on-site crew goals by ensuring they have safe, reliable equipment to accomplish projects effectively and efficiently. On April 30, Jim R. began rebuilding a Cat 963C track loader in the Brubacher shop.

By July 31, the unit was completely disassembled, all wiring harnesses and hoses were replaced, each component was rebuilt, and ultimately reassembled. As with any project, the rebuild didn't reach completion without a few challenges. The team attempted to finish each step in order, but while waiting on parts they'd have to put one aspect on hold and start a new one. At times, there were several projects moving simultaneously.

Tony B., Service Writer, was dedicated to ordering parts and having them delivered. He took care of any issues that arose, allowing Jim to concentrate on the rebuild. The success of this project allowed Brubacher to repurpose an older machine at less cost than replacing it with a new one.


Electric Transmission Line Project

At the end of July, the Brubacher crew began an eight-mile-long clearing, earthwork, erosion control, and access roads construction project to prepare for rebuilding a section of overhead transmission lines. The project is in Southeast PA and will be completed by the end of Summer 2021.

Our crew has finished the installation of the first two stages of work and are now into the third. This stage is anticipated to hold the most challenges with the construction of access roads on steep grades and mountain terrain. Every road is designed with the same end-goal in mind – building roads equipped to safely handle the electrical contractor's large tractor trailers loaded with necessary materials and cranes to install new towers and lines.

Aaron P., site superintendent, keeps the planning process and earthwork moving forward by managing the work, crews, and schedules daily. Each day, the Brubacher crew conducts daily huddles, work zone reviews for the project, and identifies hazards, risks, and slope concerns to ensure the safety of our crew and the future safety of other trades.