Stand Down Day

Safety Stand Down

In late September, Brubacher held a Safety Stand Down for all employees to enable the organization to take a step back and talk about the significance of each human life and our responsibility to safeguard our lives and the lives of others on and off the jobsite. Brubacher employees listened to several presentations and discussed the importance of a successful, collaborative Safety effort, and how that translates to every person. The following Brubacher employees provided outstanding takeaways on the unique role that every person plays in an enterprise-wide Safety commitment:

Zach P., Takeoff Technician – "Safety for me is big picture. The Stand Down Day reinforced the message that, while the takeoff of the project is important, the most important thing that I can be thinking of is the safety of our people while I'm working on the bid. If I can pass anything along that will keep one guy safe, like extremely deep trenches or contaminated soils, my job becomes that much more rewarding."

Ted S., Parts & Small Tools Supervisor - "Stand Down Day for me was about recognizing the different components of Safety – like parts in a machine. My goal every day is to send tools out to the field that are safer than when they came back in. Safety means something different to everyone, but it takes all of those viewpoints working together to be successful in Safety."

Chelsea S., Operations Accountant – "I'm lucky that my role allows me to interact with all levels of the organization, from supervisors and PMs to our management teams. Stand Down Day reaffirmed my belief that I can be a voice for the guys that don't make it into the office often – whether that means helping them find newer and better PPE that we might not have yet or supporting them by making sure they know the value of their work and their life."

Joe R., Equipment Operator – "Safety to me is the integrity to do the right thing even when there's no one else watching. It's our personal responsibility to each other, to create a safety culture where acting in a safe manner is the norm, not the exception."

Henry S., Survey Rodman – "At Brubacher safety comes first and the work comes second. I'm glad it's first; because, that means we get to go home every night in the same shape that I went to work."

Ken W., Lowboy Driver – "The Stand Down Day and other safety initiatives that we've rolled out lately have shown me a renewal of our commitment to safety. Effort is the driving factor in maintaining safety culture. When noticeable effort is being put in, it's a springboard for other people to get excited about safety."

Brubacher's Energy Services Team

Brubacher's Energy Services team posing for a quick photo after their Stand Down Day.