10 Reasons to be Unsafe

Keith Brubacher

Keith A. Brubacher

  1. I don't value my own life
  2. I don't have a future worth living for
  3. I don't value the lives of those around me
  4. I don't need to be successful at work
  5. I don't want or need a job
  6. I like bad publicity, whether on the front page, the police log or the obituary section
  7. I like to make the same mistakes over
  8. I don't like to listen to what others have learned from close calls
  9. I like the thrill of risk and not knowing what will happen next
  10. I think safety slows my production and costs too much money
I intended titling this piece something professional-sounding like 'Why Safety is Important at Brubacher' or 'The Why Behind Safety'. It would have read and sounded much like any of 101 other corporate safety writings, and maybe you wouldn't even be reading it.

As crazy as these reasons sound, it's really what we're communicating if we fail to plan and conduct our work safely. Unfortunately, they sometimes describe the attitudes and beliefs of people I've met over the years in construction. Those who resist influence often end up as a statistic, injured or worse.

At Brubacher, we believe each person deserves the opportunity to discover and live out their God-given purpose in life. It should not be cut short for the sake of 1 dollar or 1 minute saved. As a result, we're committed to plan and do our work in ways that protect life, health and property.

At the project level, safe operations are based on team members who speak the truth about concerns, ideas and questions out of a deep desire for successful outcomes. A recent example occurred when a Cat D8 had a mechanical failure on rugged terrain. Unable to move under its own power, a group of co-workers devised a plan to safely retrieve and load the machine. The valuable input of operators and fleet managers alike was the key to safety. It took a little more time and support equipment, but good planning prevented mishaps in the process.

Our safety and operations leaders are charged "to share useful insight and establish systems of safe work practices so everyone involved in Brubacher work has the opportunity live out their God-given purpose." Inspired by this mission, Brubacher is launching our Journey to Zero Injuries. Even though our injury rate is improved from 5 and 10 years ago, no one should be injured at work. We look forward to your support on this journey!