Goodman Logistics

Brubacher's Drilling and Blasting department was hired to blast rock at the future site of a warehouse for Goodman Logistics. The team completed the project on schedule and provided material that was easy to excavate. Most importantly, the project was completed incident free and Brubacher received high praise from regulating agencies who performed frequent inspections.

The project was home to multiple safety challenges, which included local businesses, gas lines less than 100 ft from blasts, wet conditions, and a gas station close to the blasting zone. The Drilling and Blasting team overcame these challenges through careful planning and liberal use of blasting mats and other safety items.

Mark F., Drilling and Blasting Manager, recognized the crew for their commitment to safety while navigating the potential hazards. Specifically, he recognized Mike N. and Pete K., Blasting Supervisors, for their attention to effective communication with multiple contractors on site to keep everyone safe.


  • The Brubacher crew stoning and rolling a pad for a new transmission line tower.

  • The Brubacher crew stoning and rolling a pad for a new transmission line tower.

  • A view of the access road and part of the stone pad prepared by Brubacher for a new transmission line.

  • Brubacher's John Deere 624J laying down timber mats for a temporary access road.

Through the Fall, Brubacher crews worked to prepare the earth for new overhead transmission lines for Pennsylvania Power & Light (PPL) in the Allentown area. Brubacher was hired to install access roads and pad areas in preparation for the installation of the lines.

This project has provided fresh perspective after soggy weather in the summer and early fall. With multiple specialty contractors on site, effective communication has been key to the team's approach to preparing the way for other contractors and meeting customer deadlines.

Project Manager Ed F. specifically recognized Dave C., Dedication Supervisor, for doing an excellent job maintaining client expectations for Safety and staying on schedule.

The Village of Four Seasons

  • Brubacher's Clearing team forging a path for the Earth crew.

  • The challenging concrete cradle installation mentioned above was accomplished with the help of a crane.

National Developers hired Brubacher to perform clearing, earthmoving, utilities, and paving work on the site of the future "Village of Four Seasons" single-family homes. Brubacher's Clearing department kept busy through the fall to make way for the earth work team following closely behind installing basins and stripping topsoil.

The project team overcame several challenges at startup, which included topography in thick woods, unprecedented rainfall, and a particularly difficult concrete cradle installation in a confined right-of-way.

Josh S., Project Manager, recognized the project team for providing "Insight. On Site." to our customer by identifying and resolving the topographical issues discovered during the start of work, which resulted in significant savings for the project in the long run. He thanked the crews and every team member who exercised patience in dealing with the heavy rainfall and rocky startup.