Team members grow at Brubacher.

Keith Brubacher

Keith A. Brubacher

All Brubacher employees are encouraged to embark on a journey of professional development. Service anniversaries are recognized in five-year increments at Brubacher and are marked on my calendar as they occur throughout the year. I'm pleased to see the vast majority of these co-workers have advanced to positions of greater responsibility during their time at Brubacher. Others who continue in the same role have mastered new skills, certifications and efficiencies. Some have advanced from a general laborer position to a skilled labor role or are now skillfully operating equipment. Others are supervising crews or managing projects. Quite a few have advanced multiple times, expanding their career potential and contribution to our mutual success. I am proud of how many of my co-workers have applied themselves to being life-long learners at Brubacher, and we're pleased to be a part of helping them grow.

Sometimes I hear a stereotype that construction supervisors don't take time to train and explain the work to newer co-workers. However, I've observed a different approach develop among Brubacher supervisors. We recognize our role in helping those who are starting out where we once did. Assisted by our Training Director, I see supervisors and senior operators helping their fellow team members learn our trade.

Construction offers a great place to see tangible, daily results that build our communities. It is a place to learn and use powerful technology whether in the dozer seat, the supervisor's truck or the office. A merit shop contractor like Brubacher offers advancement opportunities based on the character and skill of the individual. It's gratifying to see how many Brubacher team members have capitalized on these opportunities, celebrating milestones that mark their achievements. It is only with their dedication, character and skill that we can accomplish what you see in this issue of The Latest Scoop and far more!