Applecross 5B

  • The Brubacher Dedication team is completing final work in prior phases of the project in preparation for turn-over to the HOA. In this photo, bio-retention beds are being installed.


Brubacher has returned to the Applecross project to prepare Phase 5B of the development for Pulte Homes. Land clearing, arch culvert installation and earthwork are completed, with blasting underway presently. A pipe crew is currently on site to install the sanitary and storm sewer pipe. Once Brubacher receives the necessary paperwork from the water utility, installation of the water will begin with the intent to pave by the end of the year.

Conestoga Road

Brubacher at Constega


Work continues for Brubacher at its Conestoga Road project replacing approximately 8,200 linear feet of 20” water main and 2,000 linear feet of 8” water main for Aqua PA. The crews encountered substantial rock which, along with chlorination process delays, slowed production. The job supervisors adapted the crew structures and their planning abilities were put to the test! The project is expected to be complete by December 2016.



The Halcyon project consists of land clearing, demolition, installation of a new offsite low pressure sewer main, installation of an offsite water main, and road widening. The job is located in Edgmont and Middletown Townships in Delaware County, PA. The land clearing and demolition were completed in July. The site was overgrown to the point where Brubacher supplied a third-party survey crew with a brush mower so our customer, Toll Brothers, could complete their layout services for limits of disturbance. Brubacher began work on the offsite force main in August, utilizing the Horizontal Directional Drilling team to complete 2,050 liner feet of HDPE pipe installation.

Tice Estates

Tice Estates

The Brubacher team at Tice Estates Phase I in Hilltown Township, Bucks County, continues to work on Phase I so that it can be paved by Thanksgiving 2016 for Pulte Homes. Blasting was completed in October.  The offsite sanitary, including directional drilling by Brubacher's HDD crew, was also completed, leaving the on-site storm sewer, sanitary sewer and water services to install. Once Phase 1 paving is complete, the pipe crews will continue into the Phase 2 installation to finish all site utilities. The crew is currently placing the footers for a 16-foot wide arch culvert for the on-site roadway to be completed by mid-November.

Meadow Glen Phase III

Meadow Glen

Toll Brothers contracted with Brubacher for the Meadow Glen Phase III housing project with over 100 lots. The site is located in Schwenksville along Route 73. We are setting two culverts, blasting rock, installing sanitary, water and storm pipes. Brubacher is currently finishing up Stage 1 which will be turned over to the builder to begin construction on sold lots. We recently completed the offsite water. Milling and paving operations are ongoing. Brubacher has two crews completing the onsite storm sanitary and water.

Residence Inn

Residence Inn
Brubacher is working in Collegeville across the street from the recently completed Madison Ph 1 and Ph 2 project. The team completed E&S controls, earthwork, installed storm sewer that included three underground basins and sanitary sewer. Brubacher had been off the site awaiting the subs and builders to complete their roles so there were fewer conflicting work areas. However, they recently returned to the work site and set the water meter pit.