Card Winners

Behavior Observation Safety System Winners for the Quarter

The Brubacher Safety Committee continues to encourage personal responsibility of each employee at the job site, thus averting accidents before they happen. Each month these observations by their co-workers are reviewed and the best are awarded $50 gift cards as Brubacher’s way of saying, “Thank You.”  

July Winners

Dinelli: Mechanic was replacing fuel lines. Lock Out/Tag Out procedures were followed, wheels chocked, catch pans and absorbents were in place prior to performing the task.

Barnett: Driver of mini dump felt load placed by vendor was unsafe. He had the load adjusted for balance and safe travel.

Luckenbill: Bicyclist entered a marked work zone of an excavator loading a dump truck and attempted to go between the units. A Brubacher employee halted operator and cyclist then walked the cyclist around the area to avoid a potential incident.

August Winners

Brendle: Employee identified that transport chains were being used to unload material instead of lifting chains. Requested that rigs carry lifting chains for unloading.

Schultz: Road was observed cracking 5’ from excavation. Request for more Speed Shore was made and less linear footage was exposed to minimize the loss of integrity of the roadway.

September Winners

Blanchard: An improper rigging setup was identified while hoisting road plates. The activity was halted and all individuals huddled to discuss and rig the items correctly.

Shearer: A dump truck driver had stopped prior to crossing a bridge and requested clarification whether or not it was structurally sound or legal to cross. 

Sabo: A concrete contractor had left exposed rebar. A Brubacher employee notified superintendent, who notified the client.  Later in the day the concrete contractor returned to cap the exposed hazard.