By Keith Brubacher

What seems like a typical project at first can quickly escalate into a costly one if you don’t have an expert by your side. Brubacher recently bid a project for a multi-family housing project and ended up saving the client a considerably large amount of time and money. The secret? We reduced the amount of import materials.

The importing of materials from distant sources often causes site construction costs to escalate quickly. What many contractors and engineers overlook is the need to invest time up front in finding ways to reduce the need for that imported material. Having a knowledgeable contractor like Brubacher get involved early on in the process can help minimize the need for costly imports and save time.

In this case, we found ways to minimize the need for imported material by making suggestions about the design and engineering plans before the project started. Although their engineers examined the land during the planning process, our experience allowed us to see things they didn’t. By performing our own cut-fill analysis and re-routing a few storm sewer runs we were able to balance the plans in a way that reduced the amount of imported materials required.

We also found gaps in the soil report that was performed prior to design. By investigating further, we discovered actual conditions that reduced soil import as well. Fortunately for the client, we made these suggestions before construction began. Making changes after starting construction can cause you to lose time and money.

Sometimes imported materials are necessary and can’t be avoided. Quite often, however, there are hidden opportunities to reduce or eliminate those materials. By having an expert by your side from the beginning who knows the questions to ask and has the tools and staff to produce high quality analysis, your project will have an accurate and fair budget. The Brubacher team of construction professionals brings straight talk and sound strategy so your project meets budget and schedule expectations.