Core Values

Over the last 40 years, Brubacher Excavating has grown into the well-defined company that stretches across hundreds of miles and employs over 250 workers. However, just like with any entrepreneurial venture, what we look like today is different than it was in 1971, when Ben Brubacher formed the company. We are still an excavating and earth-moving company, but our services and skill sets have grown significantly.

The Brubacher difference is evident throughout our entire operation, and this is guided by our Mission, Vision and Core Values. These have always been a part of who we are, and we tend to spend more time living them than discussing them. However, I feel it is important to regularly communicate these tenets with employees (both new and veterans), and with our customers, vendors and others with whom we work.

Safety is our first core value, and involves planning and doing our work in ways that protect the life, health and property of each person. In construction, there is a heavy focus on safety on the jobsite, but for us, safety starts with planning. We commend the person who shows up to the jobsite and "gets right to work," but if there isn't appropriate planning — and communication of that plan — we miss the biggest opportunity to influence safe work practices.

Mark Twain is quoted, "It is better to be safe 100 times than to get killed once," and BEI is committed to making sure that we are performing the work safely, and planning day in and day out to be safe. We believe that life has a purpose and was not begun by accident, and we certainly don't want to end it by accident.

Integrity is doing what we know to be true and right, even when it is difficult or unpopular. This core value is especially important in earning the trust of our customers, co-workers, business partners and regulatory authorities. Living with integrity means doing what's right and what's expected, even when no one is looking or will ever find out. This core value is held in the belief that God sees everything, whether a supervisor, customer or inspectors see it or not.

Honesty is closely related to integrity and involves the earning of future trust by accurately reporting the past. In order for us to solve real issues timely and effectively, and to build trusting relationships with those around us, honesty must be valued and practiced without fail. Along with honesty comes sincerity and staying genuine by not keeping people guessing about what you really mean. This can sometimes be uncomfortable when you need to communicate something difficult. The challenge is to be honest while being respectful of the person.

Initiative is the ability to recognize what needs to be done before being asked. I learned this core value at a young age from my dad, as it was a character trait he took quite seriously in his children and employees. He also had a saying, "I want people in my business that respond like an alligator - you step on its tail and it snaps!" In other words, you recognize that something needs to be done, and you set about to resolve it promptly.

Initiative impresses customers and minimizes regulatory problems. Often times, it lowers operating expenses, too, because the details are right the first time — reducing punch-lists, points of irritation for the customers, and eliminating warranty issues and regulatory violations.

Our final core value is respectfulness — showing the worth of another by personal concern and consideration as evidenced by words and actions. Respectfulness involves limiting your freedom so not to offend others. Showing respect also involves doing the right thing at the right time, being punctual, and recognizing that everyone is at varying levels of character and career development. This stems from our belief that each person is equally valuable as an individual, created in God's own image and thereby worthy of basic human respect even when it's not earned.

The BEI Core Values are ideals that we work toward, yet we also realize that we have not fully achieved them. Every day we all do the same thing — move dirt and build projects - but it is how we go about our work that separates us from others. As owners, we strive for a higher purpose, and that is living and operating the business in a way that honors God. We will continue to shape the world in which we live — in positive and productive ways — now and for years to come.