2009 President's Message

In today’s economy, many companies are focused exclusively on price and value engineering. While both are important in any business relationship, at the end of the day, it all comes down to: whom do customers trust with their most valuable asset – their resources? The team at Brubacher Excavating (BEI) understands that we are the caretakers of the most sacred gift a customer can give us – its trust. Even though price and value engineering are certainly important, trust is the basis from which the relationship can grow.

It is Brubacher’s goal is to create customers who are raving fans, and we do this by making them successful. Developers, contractors and owners trust BEI to contribute to their success by doing the following:

          1. Brubacher contributes to our customers’ success by always doing what’s right. We live out our core values of safety, integrity, honesty, initiative and respectfulness.

About a year ago, several contractors were conducting soil investigation on a project. A situation occurred where someone crossed into an adjoining property. There was no definitive way to find out who was responsible. So instead of pointing fingers, Brubacher made the repairs on the adjacent property (at our
expense) because it was the right thing to do. I believe those actions eliminated any barriers between us and the general contractor, and kept the door open for future opportunities. While we weren’t awarded tha particular job, we were selected for two additional projects in 2009.

           2. Brubacher saves our customers money. We are a careful steward of their resources and trust.

We have worked with one real estate developer several times, but it was the first project that demonstrated to him the type of company we are. During the construction of the first project, an unforeseen issue came up. Initially, the customer believed it would cost $250,000 to resolve. Brubacher stepped in and found a solution that cost only $40,000, a savings of $210,000. Brubacher understands the role we have in being
watchful stewards of our customers’ resources.

           3. Brubacher meets or beats the schedule, as agreed upon.

Time is money for all of us, and this is a critical element in deeming any project a success. Developers and contractors routinely award projects to BEI because they
know we take pride in meeting, or beating, the schedule.

           4. BEI contributes to our customers’ success by doing whatever it takes to get the job right – the first time.

Not only do we think it is important to get it right, we also take consideration to make it right before we are asked.

Recently, a BEI foreman noticed a drainage issue on a project in northern Maryland. The potential issue was located on a cul-de-sac that he thought would turn into a water hole if constructed as designed. BEI did some additional investigation and, sure enough, the grade needed to be raised. When we presented our
findings to the customer, he was extremely appreciative that we noticed the issue. He told us that if we hadn’t spoken up, the project would have continued, and he would have had to correct the drainage problems after asphalt and paving was placed. Developers, contractors and owners trust BEI to be alert and speak up, because they know we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure the job is done right, the first time.

            5. Brubacher makes our customers successful by being professional.

In utility replacement and dedication projects, the BEI team understands that we are guests in each neighborhood, and we take great care to coordinate the project for minimal disruption to the residents. We are polite and professional, and this attitude reflects well on our customers.

Every BEI team member understands the importance of being a wise caretaker of the most sacred gift a customer shares with us – their trust. It is this careful nurture of trust that builds long-term relationships, repeat business and success for our customers. Ultimately, that lends to our success as well.