From design observations
made during the estimating
phase on through to
unforeseen challenges in construction, we
communicate with your
best interest in mind, even
if it's not what you want
to hear.

Allan Day Director of Estimating & Preconstruction

We ensure projects stay on schedule and on budget with pre-work risk mitigation. We identify the risks, assign a value to them and come up with the best strategy to minimize or eliminate them. We don’t cover up the problems. We point them out, give you options, and help you understand the task ahead of us.

With pre-work services like surveying, probing and geo-technical reports we can gain insights and assure that we aren’t setting you up for costly change orders. By taking the time to figure out the puzzle beforehand, and using our knowledge gathered from years of experience in the field, we strive to alleviate the stress of the project and get it done right.