Vacuum Excavation Landing

Underground utility strikes are one of the most common construction accidents every year. To mitigate this risk, we identify marked utility locations at the very beginning of the project planning process with vacuum excavation.

Vacuum excavation utilizes a high pressure air and vacuum system to locate underground utility lines and to access remote areas up to 100 feet away and 10 feet deep during the excavation process. We urge this investment up front in the project planning stage as a proven way to eliminate high-dollar change orders and construction delays.

When used in conjunction with hydro excavation it can remove most types of soil. We've used vacuum excavation for even the most complicated projects, like installing water lines and sewer pipes that ran underneath existing high pressure gas lines. Our expertise in vacuum excavation is used to:

  • Locate existing utilities
  • Clean out valve boxes and underground storm sewers
  • Perform maintenance and repair on sanitary sewers
  • Locate existing underground obstructions
  • Dig under existing structures
  • Excavate fence posts and signs
  • Perform emergency excavation response