Project owners and general contractors don’t like big surprises. Brubacher understands that rock can be a major unknown risk for our clients. We don’t want them to deplete contingency funds as a result of something that can typically be quantified in advance of finalizing budgets. Our approach can help manage and minimize this risk by completing thorough probes and gathering data information about soil and rock conditions.  Once the data is collected, we plot the location and projected quantities of trench and bulk rock.

The amount of rock can also impact schedules and sequence even though most people focus on the cost impact. Having the information about the location and amount of rock influences how we plan the work and schedule related activities.

When clients request the contractor to own the risk of rock, Brubacher typically provides a lump sum quote to carry that risk based upon our own site probes. This provides clients with a firm budget and reduces their project risk profile. Naturally, there is value to the contractor carrying the risk, and some clients prefer to use the information gained from our thorough site probing to develop a rock budget. In this case, cubic yard or Time and Material rates are agreed upon up front and the client pays based off the quantities encountered.

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