Clearing and Clearing Woods

Forest Clearing

Clearing Challenging Woods and Rough Terrain for Decades.

VIDEO: Watch a time-lapse video of our forest clearing team at work.

When you're looking for a contractor to help with your forest clearing needs, there are a few things that are important to consider -- safety, experience, capability and size.

Clear trees and rough terrain with an experienced contractor focused on safety. Brubacher is focused on avoiding unsafe behaviors and eliminating unsafe conditions on site. You can read more about our commitment to safety in our safety insight whitepaper.

Brubacher has been in business for over 40 years, and we can bring that expertise to your forest clearing project. We have a full-time team dedicated to land clearing and an impressive fleet of equipment that is prepared to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Case Study: 10 Miles of Pipeline Right of Way Clearing

North Range

SWN Midstream Company
Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania

When SWN Midstream Company needed a contractor to provide forest clearing for development of a natural gas pipeline in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, they trusted Brubacher to do the job.

Our expertise and dedicated equipment was critical to the pipeline right of way clearing we did for SWN Midstream Company. Over the course of three months, we worked on steep, rocky and frozen terrains. All were challenging, but thanks to our skilled operators, we completed the project safely and efficiently.

Timing was of the essence for this project. In order to meet the aggressive deadline, we drew from our experience to change our process of felling trees to save time. Instead of cutting the trees down and then cleaning up all of the stumps, we pushed over the entire tree, stump included. Once we pushed over the entire tree, we skid it to the landing and processed it there. This forest clearing process provided construction access for the pipeline contractor faster than a traditional approach.

Our self-guided commitment to do what’s right, as a caretaker of both our client’s resources and our environment, is key to mutual success in the energy industry.

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