and Blasting

We have the solutions you need for your rock removal challenges. We provide you with safe, efficient, and cost-effective drilling and blasting services by carefully assessing an area’s conditions up front. We know the unique characteristics of rock and how to choose the best product for your application. A thorough exploration of rock profiles through pre-blasting analysis, geotechnical reports and exploratory rock probes enables us to avoid the delays and unanticipated costs that may come with buried obstacles.

Our team can provide the full scope of site development services or stand-alone drilling and blasting services. Whether you have a large job for a mountain cut containing a million cubic yards of rock or a small job requiring one or two hand drilled blast holes, we can fulfill you project’s requirements. Our customers range from excavating and highway contractors to quarries and general contractors. No matter who you are, we price to suit your individual project, whether by cubic yard, lineal foot, lump sum, or time and material.

With over 30 years of blasting experience, our team has gathered a wealth of knowledge about the unique characteristics that make each type of rock different. We use that background to design shot patterns that balance the desired breakage outcomes with the cost of achieving them. Our crews have specialized training in BATF, OSHA, MSHA, DOT, and DEP requirements, ensuring the site remains safe throughout the project. We foster ongoing relationships with regulatory authorities, like PennDOT, which allows our blasters to work safely near highways or use alternative methods in areas where blasting is prohibited. Safety informs our every step in constructing a blast plan specific to each project.

The drilling and blasting team can deliver services including:

  • Construction & Quarry Blasting
  • Trench & Bulk Blasting
  • Blast Hole Drilling
  • Soil Sampling
  • Pressure Grouting Support Drilling
  • Crushing & Screening
  • Mechanical Rock Downsizing