Gas Well Pad in Lycoming County

Answering the Call

"The drill rig schedule just accelerated. We need the pad finished two weeks early”.

To meet the demanding, fast-paced gas and oil industry, you need a flexible team that’s ready to answer the call. It’s the dedication of our team coupled with access to planning and equipment resources that propels us beyond the status quo. That attitude can help you seize opportunities and keep rigs on schedule.

Neither Wind nor Whiteout

We began work immediately on the development of the gas well pad, but of course, we took the time to study the land and plan out our approach. Our teams battled high winds, freezing temperatures and occasional white-out snow storms, but kept focused on the tight deadline.

In order to complete this project in the short amount of time required, our teams worked around the clock to get it done right. We started by clearing more than 14 acres of land. After stripping 11,000 cubic yards of topsoil, our two shifts cut, filled and compacted over 100,000 cubic yards of earth.

Our drillers and blasters safely and efficiently blasted the rock that we encountered in the 25-foot cut. We met our client's accelerated schedule for the pad and the access road. Prompt seeding and stabilization met the environmental requirements for the project. We take pride in supporting access to clean American energy sources. Tough deadlines? Cloudy forecast? We answer the call!


Project Specs

Location: Lycoming County, PA

Project Size: 14 acres

Project Scope: 110,000 cubic yards of earthwork; drilling and blasting; 21,000 tons of stone placement; 400 rolls of bio-degradable erosion control blankets; Application of 7,200 pounds of fertilizer and 11,700 pounds of lime.