Upper Providence Sewer System Upgrade

Minimizing Invasive Excavation

Upper Providence Sewer Authority contracted us to install a low-pressure sewer system upgrade in Upper Providence, Delaware County.

We were able to use the horizontal directional drilling method to minimize disrupting the landscaping and paving of this pristine area.  Our experts used a mini-excavator and pneumatic mole to install 650 laterals in residential front yards. Directional drilling minimized traffic interruptions compared with traditional open-cut trenching. The residents were extremely understanding of any minor inconveniences and were very grateful we used a minimally invasive approach to preserve their community.

Over three years, we've installed nearly 76,000 linear feet of sewer main and 16,400 feet of service line. We kept traffic flowing, and saved thousands of tons of stone and asphalt, reducing truck traffic on local roads by using horizontal directional drilling (HDD).

Project Specs

Location: Upper Providence, Delaware County, PA

Project Scope: 76,000 linear feet of sewer main installed utilizing horizontal directional drilling