Pipeline ROW Restoration


Bringing Land Back to Life

An enthusiastic crew and the right equipment turned 72 acres from brown dirt into a green ribbon in less than a month. Preparation and seeding of the natural gas line right of way was accomplished in three weeks time, eliminating the liability of ongoing erosion on steep hillsides. Restoration required the application of Flexible Growth Medium (FGM) on 7.55 acres due to a slope 2:1 or greater, and the traditional seed, soil amendments and straw mulch to the remaining acres.

Our team utilized a variety of equipment to accomplish the task, based off the different topography and access. Nearly 20,000 pounds of FGM were used, over 7,000 bales of straw and nearly 40,000 pounds of seed were needed to stabilize the bare earth conditions. We were fortunate to have the weather cooperate during the seeding and once we were done the precipitation and cool fall temperature aided in rapid germination of the seed. 

Project Specs

Project Size: 72 acres

Project Scope: application of 7.55 acres of FGM (Flexible Growth Medium), 7,000 bales of straw and nearly 40,000 pounds of seed to stabilize the earth.