Lehigh Valley Industrial Park VII Lot 1

A Little Creativity Goes a Long Way

What sets us apart from other site contractors is our belief that the best results come from diligent pre-project planning. It helps you mitigate risk and ensure your project is completed within budget and to your standards. Some challenges prove more difficult than others, but we just see them as another puzzle to solve. That’s when we break out our creativity and you benefit from our years of experience.

Our work during the site preparation on a 107-acre site at Lehigh Valley Industrial Park VII Lot 1 in Bethlehem showcases how a little ingenuity on behalf of our staff can take your uncertainty and deliver peace of mind

Not Your Average Obstacle

During the site investigation stage of this project, we learned there would be numerous underground obstructions to contend with. But they weren’t just the typical rock formations or concrete we’ve seen before. Formerly an industrial site for Bethlehem Steel, layers upon layers of slag had to be removed in order to cut the site to grade and install utilities.

At this point, many contractors would jump right into working, spending extra time and materials to remove it or figure a way around the problem. With a little more probing and creativity before we began site work, we crafted a plan to fracture the slag prior to installing all of the site’s sanitary, storm and water utilities. An added bonus, the crew was able to recycle and process the nearly 25,000 cubic yards of rock and concrete they encountered and use it for the sub-base material on the project. Rather than obtaining material from a quarry, we were able to save the project money by reusing resources found on site.

Planning Pays Off

After massive excavation, Brubacher® utility crews successfully installed two 60” diameter RCP storm sewer outfalls with up to 100’ of elevation change .

Despite every obstacle, we were able to tackle and solve the problem efficiently by taking the time to do our homework beforehand. We stayed within budget because we put in a little extra time and creativity up front.

Project Specs

Location: Bethlehem, PA

Project Size: 1.2 million square foot building, 107 acre site.

Project Scope: 400,000 cubic yards of earthwork; 25,000 linear feet of site utilities; 7,500 linear feet of curb; 40,000 tons of stone; 40,000 tons of asphalt.