Hazleton UGI Gas Main Extensions

Supporting Local Resources

As evident by our energy services division, we enthusiastically support the use of natural resources gathered right here in the U.S. So when UGI Utilities contacted us about a project that would deliver natural gas from Marcellus Shale to thousands of residents’ homes here in PA we eagerly pursued and won the contract.

8 Months, 5 Miles, 3 Counties

In just 8 months, Brubacher installed nearly 30,000 linear feet of pipeline, about 5 miles of gas main extensions that span three counties. The line connects the Hazleton line in West Hazleton to Altadis USA in McAdoo. Although there wasn’t state or federal funding for the project, Altadis’ parent company, Imperial Tobacco Group, PLC took on the cost of the project. The installation of clean-burning fuel aligned with their core values of supporting local community issues and preserving the environment.

Among a variety of challenges, the project called for the installation of pipe along busy Route 309 and underneath Interstate 81. This required creativity and patience from our team of experts. We also had to contend with a very muddy fall, mild winter and foggy mornings. In our planning phase, we discovered quite a few areas were very rocky or contained old, unmarked utility lines. The project was completed in 8 months, within the number of construction days allotted by UGI.

Residents who live near the new pipeline may connect to it free; the only cost is to convert their heating system to natural gas. Brubacher is proud to have had a hand in this project. The increased accessibility of domestic natural gas has already reduced natural gas prices to residents and industries in the area.

Project Specs

Location: Hazleton, PA and surrounding areas

Project Size: 5 miles, 3 counties

Project Scope: 30,000 linear feet of HDPE pipe installation